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History of Tamil nadu transportations: Roadways, Railways, Waterways and Airways

Chennai has an excellent transport service which takes us to where we want with comfortable and quick. Want to know how these, International airports, computerized railway service, excellent bus facilities and waterways too, came in existence. Then resource is for you. I tried to provide as much as information’s I can. Hope it will be useful.

General Information about TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation)

In this resource I have given a brief introduction of TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation) along with the full form of TNSTC. I have covered the details about the different types of TNSTC buses like General buses, Volvo buses, video coaches etc. In this resource you can get to know about the types of facilities that are provided in these TNSTC buses.

Address of TNSTC in different disctricts

This resource contains the address details of the TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation) in the different districts like Coimbatore, Kumbakonam, Madurai, Salem etc. It also has the Phone numbers and also the web site details of these TNSTC.

Names of the Transport Corporation of Tamilnadu Local transport information of TNSTC

This resource contains the details of the TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation), MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation)and SETC (State Express Transport Corporation) Transportation. Here you can get the details of the old name and the current name of TNSTC, MTC and SETC transportations along with the areas where these buses are operated. You can also find the deatils about the registration numbers of TNSTC buses along with the headquarters details in different districts.
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