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Latest List of Ministers of Tamilnadu

In this article I have provided the entire list of Council of ministers of Tamilnadu. This list of contains the most recent and updated changes of the cabinet. This article contains the list of ministers after the second Cabinet reshuffle.I have also provided the previous changes made in the cabinet of Tamilnadu.

Short profile of Chief Minister Jayalalitha & AIADMK party future plans in 2011

This resource "Short profile of Chief Minister Jayalalitha & AIADMK party future plans in 2011" gives you a brief description about our Chief Minister, early life, education and her entry into politics. In this resource you can also get to know the AIADMK Manifesto plans in Tamilnadu elections 2011 which paved a way for their victory. Read the article to know more on this topic.

Profile of Mr. E. Subaya - Tamilnadu Law Minister 2011

In 2011 Tamil Nadu Assembly Election ADMK Won by high megarity and they formed government on 15.05.2011. Selvi J.Jeyalalitha again got her seat; she and her ministers were sworn in on 16th May 2011. This article will provide personal details about our new Law minister Mr. E.subaya.

New ministers 2011 of tamilnadu

In this article i have posted about the new ministers of Tamilnadu assembly which is going to be lead by chief minister Miss.J.Jayalalitha.This is a new list of ministers whom were selected by AIADMK party leader Miss.J.Jayalalitha whose party was won with huge majority in 2011 election.I have discussed about all the ministers and there ministry department.

List of Cabinet Ministers of Tamilnadu in 2011

In the recently announced Tamilnadu assembly reactions AIDMK led by Jyalalithaa has made a clear sweep against DMK. The AIDMK won more than 190 seats in the the 234-member House. A number of ministers have participated in the elections and made it a huge success. In this resource I will provide information on the list of Cabinet Ministers of Tamilnadu in 2011.
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