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Actress Sneha to marry Prasanna- Love marriage

Get to know the latest kollywood news about the popular actress Sneha who is going to marry actor Prasanna. This was an official announcement by Prasanna's PRO. Their marriage will most probably be held on March 2012.

Tamil Actress Sneha & Tamil Actor Prasanna wedding date announced

In this article the information about Tamil Actress Sneha and Prasanna's love and Sneha's profile and Prasanna's profile is added. It was confirmed by Tamil Actress Sneha and Prasanna that they have planned to get married and soon will look forward to arrange the engagement.

Tamil actor Prasanna and Sneha marriage date news

Get the details about tamil actor Prasanna marriage date, love between Sneha and Prasanna and much more latest news about Prasanna and Sneha. Below I have provided details such as marriage venue, marriage date. If you are looking for live streaming links of Sneha and Prasanna marriage and live online links? You can find out here.
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