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Preview of Tamil Movie 180

In this resource I will provide you with detailed information about the new tamil movie 180. I will provide information about the story, cast and crew of the movie 180, The tamil movie 180 is of Siddhart a famous and renowned actor whose films are awaited by the tamil fans. The movie is going to be in theaters this summer and is expected to create a lot of buzz in Tamilnadu.

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi: (How to Mess up in Love) A movie review

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi is a hilarious movie tells a story causing you to laugh out loud. A charming college girl (Amala Paul) confronts with her love counterpart (Siddharth) only to win “a big ego”—to resolve --“he or she”...?. The pseudo clashes begin with fun, frolic, gaffe, from a dreamy urbane college love with an identity offbeat. All blunders that begin in a spinning love, ending love in failures, a cinematic process made obviously to say, “All these are patchwork of comedy”

Sidharth Tamil Actor Profile and Biography

Sidharth Narayan BIO DATA and full profile is given in this article. Sidharth Narayan's first movie boys in 2003 has given him the identification. Here below i have edited the complete movie list of Sidharth Narayan in Tamil , Telugu and Hindi. he has acted in few of the tamil movies and has his identity in Tamil Nadu. The list of Sidharth Narayan's Tamil movie are mixed with the other language movies in total.
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