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A massive victory AIADMK - Sankarankoil bye election final results 2012

The DMDK partner, who has been enjoying a prestigious post as assembly opposition bench has lost his credibility being pushed to fourth place, is a great political setback to his party. With an electoral alliance with AIADMK Captain Vijaykanth could able to muster 29 seats. And AMMA questions,”Have you learnt a lesson?” Whole of Tamil Nadu the cadres of AIDMK are celebrating the day with din of crackers and taste of sweets.Alas,DMDK is at receiving end....!!

Latest News about Sankarankoil By Election 2012

Latest News from Tamil Nadu Election Commission regarding Sankarankoil by Election to be held on March 2012. Important dates and Key statistics of voters along with the list of parties involved in the election with their Candidates Names for the respective constituency can be known from this article. Main political parties like AIADMK, DMK, MDMK along few other parties are to compete in the race. Election Commission is said to follow strict rules towards conducting and monitoring the election process.

Sankarankoil Election – Latest News about Investigation Teams towards various Politicians Campaign

The latest news prevailing in Sankarankoil election towards politician campaign by the special investigation team along with the list of specified strict rules for the investigation team defined by the election commission towards the forth coming election can be known here. In addition the list of nominee from different parties are also been highlighted. Read more to get with the updated information.
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