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Endhiran Movie Hero Rajinikanth's Debuts

Endhiran Movie Hero Rajinikanth's Debuts, Endhiran Film Hero Rajinikanth's Debuts, SuperStar Rajinikanth's Debuts, Endhiran Movie Hero Rajinikanth personal information.

Rajinikanth "the robot"

How rajinikanth manages to give a better amount ecstasy with one role, one puch dialog???? and we go crazy... that is why he is called "THE SUPERSTAR"

Tamil Superstar Rajnikanth to help tsunami victims of Japan

Tamil Movie superstar Rajnikanth extends hi shand to help the tsunami victims of Japan. Superstar rajanikanth willbe visting japan soon. Japan has got a huge fans base for the the superstar Rajnikanth . His tamil movie Muthu was super hit in Japan
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