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Veerapandiya kattabomman-A brave king and a soldier of Tamilnadu

Veerapandiya kattabomman a strong hero of Tamilnadu history. He resisted the British from entering into his territory. He had won many battle. British felt helpless in front of veerapandiya kattabomman. He hanged on 16th october 1799 in a tamarind tree by the British army.

Kamaraj as a political leader in Tamilnadu

Kamaraj (1903-1975)affectionately called as a karma verar done a lot for the upliftment of Taminnadu in all sector. Particularly in Education he contributed immensely which the schemes are still existing in our Education system. He implemented the first mid-day meal scheme in all school of Tamilnadu. Later he became the president of All India National congress.

V O Chimdambaram pillai, one of the freedom fighters of Tamilnadu.

V O Chidambaram pillai (1872 - 1936) one of the freedom fighters of Tamilnadu who opposed the British trade policy. He was the first tamilan to own a ship and formed a swedeshi steam navigation company. He imprisoned for several years. He took participated in the swedeshi movement initiated by Bal gangadhar tilak and Lala lajapat Rai.

Kamaraj as a freedom fighter in Tamilnadu

Kamaraj (1903 - 1975)a veteran leader and a freedom fighter of Tamilnadu. He Joined the movement initiated by Mahatma Gandhi. He observed all possible movement against the British rulers and opposed the British ruling in each and every walks of life. He did aware of the people of Tamilnadu against the British ruling for which he also got imprisonment for several years.
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