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Tamil Nadu Freedom Fighters and their role in Independence Movement

Tamil Nadu has its own pride as it has a collection of well known Freedom Fighters from its state. Many freedom fighters have dedicated their life and served themselves for society towards Indian Independence Movement that was against the rule of British. This article will focus manily about the life history and struggle made by each freedom fighter on their behalf.Read more for further informations.

Some of the Freedom Fighters from Tamil Nadu Who fought against the British Rule in India

Are you Looking for the Freedom Fighters from Tamil Nadu? As we know Tamilnadu played an important role in struggle for Independence right form initial stages. Subramanian Bharathiyar, Kattabomman, Vaa Voo Chidambaram (VAA VOO CEE), Thirupur Kumaran are some of the famous Tamil Freedom Fighters. Get to know all possible details about Independence day and Freedom struggle in Tamil Nadu.

E.V.Ramasamy Great freedom fighter from Tamilnadu - Complete profile and biography

Ramasamy was a great indian freedom fighter and a social reformer from Tamilnadu. He contribute a lot to vanish anti-social activities from society. He founded Dravida Kazhagam. In this article, you are going to get information about E.V.Ramasamy, his life and contribution toward the society. For more information about the profile and biography of Periyar, kindly read the article as below:

Veerapandiya kattabomman-A brave king and a soldier of Tamilnadu

Veerapandiya kattabomman a strong hero of Tamilnadu history. He resisted the British from entering into his territory. He had won many battle. British felt helpless in front of veerapandiya kattabomman. He hanged on 16th october 1799 in a tamarind tree by the British army.

Tiruppur Kumaran - The famous freedom fighter of Tamil Nadu

The state Tamil Nadu has many freedom fighters and they played major role in the Indian Independence movement. Many of them gave their breath and life to the country to get freedom. Tiruppur Kumaran is famous personality who struggled for the freedom of India and he gave his breath and life for the freedom. This article gives you the full details and contribution of Tiruppur Kumaran for the Indian freedom.

Vallinayagam Olaganthan Chidambaram Pillai VOC - Freedom Fighter from Tamilnadu

Are you eager to know about Vallinayagam Olaganthan Chidambaram Pillai(V.O.C). Chidambbaram was an political leader and a freedom fighter from state Tamilnadu. He did a lot toward the society to remove the exploitation done by British Government. In this article, you are going to read profile and biography of Vallinayagam Pillai.

Independence day Tamil SMS greetings for all

Read more about the Tamil greetings with a brief note on India's independence day. Many freedom fighters of India lost their lives for making India free for ever. A Tamil greetings added for sending the same greetings to your parents, family and friends.

Independence day wishes SMS 2012 in Tamil kavithai

In this article you will find the details about the Independence SMS 2012 in TAMIL. Many people want to wish their beloved ones in their mother tongue. So, Tamilspider is bringing Independence day 2011 India wishes in tamil words. Whave tried to get Happy Independence Tamil Kavithai in this article.
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