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Aadi Tamil Festival and its offer in different Cities in Tamil Nadu

This article mainly provides you with the Information’s about the Celebration of Aadi Festival with its outcomes and Importance among the peoples of Tamil Nadu.This festival is special for various Ammans. Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays of this month are considered very auspicious. A most important month for women. The most auspicious days are Fridays and Tuesdays in this month; these are called Aadi Velli and Aadi Chevvai and the Aadi Amavasa. Read more to know about it in detail.

Online information about Pongal Festival in Tamilnadu

In this article, I will explain about the Pongal Festival of Tamilnadu which is one of the best festival of Tamilnadu. This festival is the harvesting festival of Tamil. You can get more information about this Pongal Festival. Read this article to know more about this.
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