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Tips for celebrating safe Diwali

Deepavali is one of the indian festivals which celebrated across the nation irrespective of religion, language, caste and creed. This is the festival of light and sound. Children like this festival very much because they get crackers, sweets and new cloths etc.

Recipe for Diwali Sweet Maa Laadu(Flour Balls)

This recipe is famous in south Tamil Nadu and especially in Tirunelveli District. People always do this for any occasion and in particular Deepavali. This by seeing the name people used to think that this is recipe with bengal gram but it is different and have a nice flavour.

Tamil month AIPPASI’s significance and the important festivals on this month

Every Tamil month as some significance and a particular day is considered as auspicious day in each Tamil month. Want to know which day. There are other than deepavali there are some auspicious festivals falls on this Tamil month Aippasi. Want to know which festivals are they. This article will provide you that information. Read and celebrate this month Aippasi.
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