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Story behind the name Chennai which named for the city in 1996

Chennai city, the capital of Tamil nadu, which had remained in the name madras city for more than a century, took its name in 1996 and came to be known as greater Chennai in the recent past. Want to how the name was chosen and the interesting facts behind it. Then this resource is for you. Hope it will be useful.

Famous Shopping malls in Chennai city

This page gives details about the famous shopping malls in Chennai like Spencer Plaza,Skywalk mall, City Center, Express Avenue mall and Abirami mall

List of Orchestras in Tirupur, Tamilnadu

In this resource I briefly explain about the list of Orchestras found in Tirupur city. And also noted down The Orchestras mailing addresses and their contact details. The List of Orchestras details which gives you the option to find out nearby Orchestras as well as the best one in Tirupur District.

List of Birth and Death Registration offices in Chennai, Tamilnadu

This article briefs you about the birth and death registration offices in Chennai. You can get the address and contact numbers of the registrar offices present in Chennai. Get a copy of registered birth and death certificate online. Read the below article for more information.

Forex Exchange office address contact numbers in Chennai, TamilNadu

This article gives a brief description about forex exchanges and the important forex exchange offices present in Chennai. You can get the address and contact numbers of these exchanges which might be of useful to tourists and those who would be frequently travelling across countries. Read below for more information.

List of Regional Transport office (RTO) in Chennai, TamilNadu

If you are looking for Regional Transport Office (RTO) in your area then read the article below. You can get the important office address and contact number of the RTO office present in your area. This will be helpful for you to get a license to drive a vehicle.

History of Chennai city’s landmark Connemara public library

Chennai, Connemara library is one among the four national depository libraries which receives a copy of all books, periodical, and news papers that are published in India. It also serves as a depository library for United Nations. Want to know more about it. Then this resource is for you. I tried to provide as much as information’s about its growth in this article. Hope it will be useful.
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