Navagraha Temples of Tirunelveli

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This articles provides pilgrimage tours at Navagraha Temples at Tirunelveli. History of Navakailasam Temples of Tirunelveli, Deities of Navakailasam, Presiding deities of navagraha temples on the banks of River Tamiraparani

Navagraha Temples of Tirunelveli

Navagraha Temples also called as Nava Tirupathi, Navakailasam Temples is the abodes of Lord Shiva which is situated on the banks of River Tamiraparani at the foot of Western Ghats or Podhigai Hills in Tirunelveli District. All the Navagraha Temples or Nava Tirupathi can be visited on the same day or it would probably takes a maximum of two days.

History of Navagraha Temples (Nava Kailasam) - Temples at Tirunelveli

Romasa Maharishi (Munivar - Saint) was one of the disciples of Sage Agasthiar. He is the grand son of Lord Brahma, the Creator. He decided to go for penance in order to get Liberation. So he went to his Guru Agasthiar and told him about his wish and asked him, how to do the tapas(means penance). His Guru Agasthiar adviced him to pluck nine flowers and makes them to float on River Tamiraparani so that each flower will get dock at various places. He advised him to install shiva linga on those places and asked him to worship there to get liberation.

As said by Sage Agasthiyar Romasa Maharishi did the same. The first flower docks at Papanasam. Second flower at Cheranmahadevi, third at Kodakanallur, fourth flower at Kunnathur (Sankaani), fifth flower at Murappanadu, sixth at Sri Vaikundam, seventh flower at Then Thirupperai, eighth flower at Raajapathi and the last one ninth flower at Poomangalam. So Romasa Maharishi built temples on those places and worshipped and in due course attained mukthi.

The speciality of these temples at each of these Navakailasam temples is considered as an abode of one of the Navagrahams. So making a pilgrimage trip to all the nine temples in shot will have the same effect of what you will get on worshipping at Navagraha Temples.

Nava Kailash Deities and Corresponding Nine Planets or Navagrahas

Let us look at the presiding deities of Nava Kailash or Nava Kailasam and all the shrines here as aspects of a navagraham.

Temples and Deities at Mela Kailasam (Upper Kailash)

Navakailasam Papanasam Navagraha Temple at Tirunelveli: This place is considered as Surya Sthalam (Sun)
  • Presiding Deity at Papanasam: Lord Shiva also known in the names of Papanaasar, Mukalinga Nathar, Paramalai Nayakar, Varasa lingar, Mukkalinga Munivar.
  • Goddess at Papanasam: Ulagammai.

  • Navakailasam Cheranmahadevi Navagraha Temple at Tirunelveli: This place is considered as Thingal Sthalam (Moon).
  • Presiding Deity at Cheranmahadevi: Lord Shiva in the name of Ammai Nathar, Kailasanathar.
  • Goddess at Cheranmahadevi: Aavudai Nayaki.

  • Navakailasam Kodakanallur Navagraha Temple at Tirunelveli: This place is considered as Chevvai Sthalam (Mars).
  • Presiding Deity at Kodakanallur: Lord Shivan as Kailasanathar
  • Goddess at Kodakanallur: Sivagami Ammal

  • Temples and Deities at Naduk Kailasam (Middle Kailash)

    Navakailasam Kunnathur also known as Sankaani Navagraha Temple at Tirunelveli: This place is considered as Rahu Sthalam
  • Presiding Deity at Kunnathur Temple: Deity in the name of Kodhaparameshwarar
  • Goddess at Kunnathur Temple: Sivagami Ambal

  • Navakailasam Murappanaadu Navagraha Temple at Tirunelveli: This place is considered as Guru Sthalam (Jupiter)
  • Presiding Deity at Murappanaadu Temple: Lord Siva as Kailasanathar
  • Goddes at Murappanaadu Temple: Sivami Ambal

  • Navakailasam Sri Vaikundam or Thiruvaikundam Navagraha Temple: This place is considered as Sani Sthalam (Saturn)
  • Presiding Deity at Sri Vaigundam Temple: Deity as Kailasanathar
  • Goddess at Sri Vaikundam or Thiruvaikundam: Ponnammal or Sivagami Ambal.

  • Temples and Deities at Keezh Kailasam (Lower Kailash)

    Navakailasam Thenthirupperai Navagraha Temple: This place is considered as Budan Sthalam (Mercury)
  • Presiding Deity at Thenthirupperai Temple: Kailasanathar
  • Goddess at Thenthirupperai Temple: Azhagiya Ponnammal

  • Navakailasam Raajapathy Navagraha Temple: This place is considered as Kethu Sthalam
  • Presiding Deity at Raajapathy Temple: Lord Kailasanathar
  • Goddess at Raajapathy Temple: Sivami Ambal

  • Navakailasam Sernthapoomangalam Navagraha Temple: This place is considered as Sukra Sthalam.
  • Presiding Deity at Poomangalam Navagraha Temple: Lord Kailasanathar
  • Goddess at Saendha Poomangalam Temple: Sivagami Ambal

  • These are the Navakailash or Nava Thiruapathi or Navagraha Temples at Tirunelveli. Make a bookmark of this page as soon this would be updated with all relevant details of Navagraha Temples of Tirunelveli.

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