Tamilnadu Cultures

Know Tamilnadu culture, dress codes and disciplines of Tamilnadu here.

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Reason to celebrate New Year Day on 1st January

Long back the kings of Great Kingdoms were celebrating the New Year’s day whenever they need entertainment. But , the Great roman King Julius Caesar decided to celebrate New Year’s Day on on 1st of January .

Significance of using Rice flour for Kolam

Choosing the method of the preparation of the Kolam Powder is very very important. There are lots of advantage and significance in using the Rice Flour for the Kolam designing. The colors that are used for the Kolam powder are also unique.

Gayatri Mantra - Sacred Thread Ceremony

Gayatri Mantra, Power and Significance of Gayatri Mantra, Benefits of chanting Gayatri Mantra, Ceremony related to Gayatri Mantra, Upanayanam, Sacred Thread Ceremony, Goddess Gayatri Devi.

How kolam flour is used for the species

The Kolam Construction in Tamilnadu is not only for the sake of bringing Glory to the house and the family it can also be said as the part of the Tamilnadu Culture. People also do some great thing by providing food to the Species which feed on the Kolam flour which is made of the Rice Flour.

Significance of eating food in banana leaf

The advantages that are associated with the eating of food in the Banana Leaf is discussed in this particular resource and also why people choose Banana leaf for the packing of the food from one place to another.

Significance and Medical importance of Kolam in Tamilnadu

Kolam designing has many advantages and the main part is the designing of the kolam helps in the increasing of the creativity. Moreover there are also many other extra significance in the Kolam designing and there are also medical importance in the kolam designing.

Details of Kolam in Tamilnadu

Kolam designing details in Tamilnadu; People are very much fond of the kolam designing in order to decorate their house with the colorful kolam design in front of the house. Kolam is also designed in front of the temples also.

Kolam Competition in Tamilnadu

Kolam competition is very famous in Tamilnadu; People enjoy the Kolam competition in such a way that the ladies in the house plan for the Best Kolam design in front of the house.

Specialty of Kolam Competition

Kolam Competition in Tamil Nadu; Kolam Festival in Tamilnadu; Good Kolam designs by ladies in House; Specialty of Kolam Design in House; Kolam design for Kolam Competition.

Know the Culture of Tamil Marriage

This is aboutSignificance of Tamilnadu State, Tamil Marriages Culture,Tamilnadu Marriage Culture,Occasion of Engagement in Tamil Marriages,Occasion of Muhurtum in Tamil Marriages,Tamil brides and grooms etc.

History Of Tamil Language

This article gives the details of History Of Tamil Language, History Of Tamil poems, History Of Tamil prose, Modern Tamil Literature etc.

History of Tamilnadu

This article contains history of tamilnadu.The roots of the present tamilnadu is in the history,which takes us thousand years back.

Tamil Language endangered

Tamil language, like most other languages in India, is getting endangered due to the invasion of English and other foreign languages.

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