Tamilnadu Cultures

Know Tamilnadu culture, dress codes and disciplines of Tamilnadu here.

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Traditional Tamil nadu Marriage Culture and Wedding Customs

This is the information on traditional Tamil nadu marriage, wedding culture. Tamil marriage ceremony is an important event in each house of Tamil people. The custom and culture differ from place to place. Each community follows different way of customs. If you want to see an unique type of marriage with more rituals you should addend traditional Tamil brahmin marriage. You can see some special bride groom dressing, make up and hair style. To know more about Tamil marriage see the below article.

Traditional Dressing style of Tamil nadu

This is the information of Traditional dressing style of Tamil nadu. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric of Tamilnadu state. The temperate in the state is always little above normal range so cotton-woven fabrics are mostly liked by the people. The details of different dressing style of men and women are given below.

Tamil subha muhurtham and brahma muhurtham auspicious marriage day and time

This is the information on Tamil subha muhurtham and brahma muhurtham auspicious marriage day and time details. Perfect date and time is very important to perform wedding and other family rituals. If you want to perform marriage in your family, you can easily choose a perfect brahma muhurtham date and time by using any 2015 Tamil calendar.

How to do, Tamil traditional Pavanamuktha yoga asana, to cure gastric problems.

Are you suffering from gastric problems; Experiencing sleepless nights due to indigestion; Want say Goodbye to sleepless nights. Being deprived from spicy foods which you wish to eat. Well, every beginning as an end. Your chronic problems has an end solution in this article. Pills may give temporary relief with side effects whereas Tamil traditional yoga asanas cures without side effects. Hope this article will benefit you.

How to do Tamil Traditional Yoga Asana to cure Arthritis of lower Back.

Are you suffering from Arthritis of lower Back, suffering from stiff Back. Find difficulty in twisting your body. Then this article is for you. Your problems ends with practicing this Tamil Traditional Yoga Asana named after Rishi Bharadvaja. Hope this Yoga Asana will help you to feel better.

Tamilnadu Best Gold Savings Scheme to start this Akshaya tritiya

Are you looking for the best and smart gold saving scheme in Tamilnadu to start the Akshaya tritiya? Then this is the article for you. The gold savings schemes with their names and the jewellery shops in Tamilnadu, the monthly instalments, benefits of joining the scheme and also the kids gold saving schemes are discussed here. Read this article and choose your gold saving scheme.

Tamil month Marghazi month’s significance and its important events.

“I am Margazhi among months…” says Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Gita. This month is a highly divine month in Tamil calendar. Why it is so. What makes this month so auspicious. Want to know. Then this article is for you. I tried to provide as much as possible information’s I can. Hope it will be useful.

New Year Festival in Tamil Nadu

This article is about the new year festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil people follow many customs and rituals on new year. Though the new year is celebrated by all in some place the celebration is conducted in a grand manner.

New Year Puthandu celebrations in Tamilnadu

Puthandu is marked as the New Year in Tamilnadu. It is a major festival of Tamilnadu and is celebrated with lot of joys. In this article you will find complete information regarding Puthandu rituals, celebrations in Tamilnadu.

Live Thiruvannamalai Maha Karthigai Deepam 2011 at TV channels

This resource "Live Thiruvannamalai Maha Karthigai Deepam 2011 at TV channels" will be of great use for the devotees of Lord Shiva. In this article you get to know about the online streaming of TV channels which will telecast this on this special day. Watch and get the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Various Dances that are practised in Tamil Nadu

There are various dances like Karakattam, Mayilattam, Oyilattam etc., that are practiced in Tamil Nadu and it is known as the state which gives importance to dance and the various varieties of the dance and I would say that these dances can be seen in temples and other places during eh festival season and it will be of a great fun to watch these programs that are celebrated at Tamil Nadu.

Tamil festival days oil bath’s medicinal benefits

All Tamil festivals begin with oil bath in warm water in early morning. Oil bath is an old custom in Tamil culture. In our Tamil culture there is a scientific reason behind every ritual. Why should we have an oil bath in festival days. Want to know the medicinal benefit behind oil bath. In this article I tried to provide as much as information I can. Hope this will be useful.

How to make Chicken Coconut Gravy

Tamilnadu own favorite Chicken Recipe with intellectual taste. This is a kind of shortly prepared gravy,which we can preserve and serve for two days.This gravy will be the good combo with Rice,and all south Indian,dinner items

Chiramadam Murugan temple

Chiramadam Murugan temple,is a re known temple in that area. Here Swamy Lord Muruga,is called by the name of "Chirai Meeta Kumaresa Perumal" as he rescued the Deva's form the Demons.The most celebrated festival in Chiramadam is the play of the war between Lord Muruga and Demon called as "Suran".This is a six day festival for the people and they will celebrate it with devotion

Traditional Arts and Crafts of Tamilnadu

This resource "Traditional Arts and Crafts of Tamilnadu" gives you information about the Traditional handicrafts which are still of use in the state of Tamilnadu. In this resource you get to know the differents crafts such as jewelery making, stone carving, woodcrafting, Tanjore painting and much more. Read the article to know more about this interesting topic.

Detailed list about various types of dance forms present in Tamilnadu

This resource is about the most popular dance forms of Tamilnadu. In this resource you will get the details about the famous dances which were prevalent from ancient times and also many interesting facts about Tamilnadu and its culture. read the article below for more interesting facts about Tamilnadu.

Sweets of Tamil Nadu - Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai

Kovilpatti-Famous for Kadalai Mittai-Sweet made of Jaggery and ground nut-Good for health. Tastes good, acts as a digestive agent-supplement it after meal. But it is next only to the Goddess Shenbagavalli Amman. Kovilpatti is between Madurai and Tirunelveli. Kovilpatti is a small town but has got good facilities.

Tamil Culture and Traditions

This article about Tamil Culture and Traditions gives the details of Tamil Dramas, village Dramatic activity,Tamil Culture and Traditions of Music, Temple occasions, Tamilnadu Festivals Culture, and >Tamilnadu Art and Crafts Culture.

Tamil Calendar 2011 Amavasai and Pournami

Tamil calendar 2011 amavasai pournami Days are as important as Tamil ashtami navami Days. Here the important days for pitru amavasya in the year 2011 as per daily calender Hindu panchangam.

Tamil culture Joint Family system

Joint family system is very popular in India and especially in Tamilnadu from the olden days. In the Joint family system there are lots of options available to get more knowledge and learn culture from the parents and the elders.

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