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Cauvery Water Issue between Tamilnadu and Karnataka

This Poem Explores the reality of TAMILNADU People's feeling about the cauvery water issue.Both states were foughting for this problem for many years.Still,no solutions obtained.This was written by S.karthik kumaran

Pongalo pongal - A poetry on Pongal in Tamil and English translation

In this article I had presented my own poetry about the upcoming famous tamilnadu festival "THE PONGAL". In this poem you can come across the natural scenario on the day of pongal and the dreams of farmers which comes true on every pongal by their great harvest. Before that I wish you all a very happy pongal...!

Tamil Poem about Our Sweet Memories

In this poem i had presented the unforgettable memories which has been buried deeply in our mind because of this celluloid world. Let us have a move on those days which will make our mind to refresh things.

Button Instead of seal

One more election has come.All aspects of elections will take place .People are going to talk same points . Govt attitude and political parties are repeating the same.voters also do the same, though with vexed mood . Only change we can see is voting button instead of voting seal.

Tamil poem kadu translation and explanation

This Tamil poem emphasis the vitality of forests. How the lungs are important for our body, so as forests are for our earth. It also expresses human beings negligence to care for forests. Impliedly it also points that our negligence resulted in global warming. I hope you enjoy this Tamil poem.

To my Lovable Mother - A poem form my Heart

This poem is dedicated to my lovable mother. I wrote this poem after I delivered my baby. Really I feel this from my heart. Everyone in this world have a golden gift that is mother. No one can measure mother's love and attention. So I wish to dedicate this poem to my mother and all mothers in this world. I wish all you please send your comments to my poem.

Skanda Sashti Kavacham - Devotional song of Lord Muruga

This resource gives you the full song lyrics of Skanda Sashti Kavacham, devotional song of Lord Muruga. In this resource I have given you the importance of chanting this devotional song and I have also given you a link to download Skanda Sashti Kavacham. Read the article to know more about Skanda Sashti Kavacham.

Tamil Poem Little Little Suns Translation and explanation

Its a Tamil poem, to create awareness about cutting trees and planting them and aslo our dependence on plants for our living. In this, I attempted to change the attitude of cutting trees by praising their values. on reading this, would any one change the way of thinking about plants that is my reward. hope enjoy this.

War at Kashmir-Wake up Youngsters

This Poem was written at the Time of Kargil War between India and Pakistan 1999.This poem is dedicated to the Brave Soldiers.And this Poem elevate the youngsters to fight against the Terrorism.This Poem was written by S.karthik Kumaran.Nearly,11th Anniversary of Karghil war is Going right Now.Salute our Soldiers!.

Save our Forest!Save our Earth!

This poem explores the Importance of saving the Forests.Since,Global warming Issues have been raised many questions on survival of our Planet Earth.The conservation of Forest is the most Foremost Thing to do.This was Written by Mr.S.Karthik Kumaran.He authored a Tamil poem book "Thamizharuvi" and many.

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