Tamilnadu have different types of cuisine. Chettinad Cuisine is very famous the same way, it have Kongunadu, Thirunelveli and lot more type of cuisines. Each area of Tamilnadu have different types of cooking styles. Find here such styles and intersting recipes.

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Tamil style vendhaya keerai kootu recipe preparation

This is the recipe of Tamil style vendhaya keerai kootu. Fenugreek leaves can be easily grown in our garden. It is used to treat diabetes in ayurvedha. It is necessary to this spinach weekly three times to reduce your vitamin and minerals deficiency.

Tamil kara kuzhambu recipe using poondu

Tamil kara kuzhambu recipe using poondu This is Tamil kara kuzhambu recipe using poondu/ garlic. This is one of the best recipes in all Tamil marriage function dish. Here is the details for ingredients needed, and how to prepare this recipe to get authentic taste of Tamil nadu .

Tamil village food recipes vengaya curry and kathirikai curry

This is Tamil village food recipes Vengaya curry and kathirikai curry. This two traditional Tamil dishes are very special in Tamil nadu village style. The recipes are the best side dish for hot rice, dosa, chapati and roti. The preparation method is given below.

Rava Kichadi Tamil nadu Style Easy Tamil Recipe for Dinner

This is rava kichadi Tamil nadu style easy Tamil recipe for dinner. Preparation method is simple and cooking time is fast. It is the most favorite recipe of Tamil language people. The vegetables like beans, peas, carrot, and potato are added. Make this nutritious recipe for your dinner and enjoy the taste.

Diwali Snacks Tamilnadu Thenkuzhal Murukku and Ribbon Pakoda Recipe

This is to share the information of making Diwali snacks Tamilnadu thenkuzhal murukku and ribbon pakoda recipe. Diwali and pongal are the two major festival celebrated in Tamil nadu. Tamil style Diwali snacks and sweets are prepared each and every houses of Tamil nadu. The sweets and snacks are shared with friends and relatives.

Famous Tamil nadu Food Items

Tamil nadu is always known for its tasty cuisine both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. The use of plenty of spices like chilli, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and coconut give the dishes rich taste and aroma. Here are the details of some famous food items which are famous in Tamil nadu.

Kollu Recipe Tamil Kollu Chutney and Rasam Benefits

Kollu is a type of dal which is used in Tamil kitchen from ancient days. Horse gram is called kollu in Tamil. Kollu benefits in tamil nadu was well known so people used this in various forms like chutney preparation, kollu podi, rasam or soup preparation. The uses and heath benefits of kollu is popular in Tamil ayurveda maruthuvam. They use kollu for the preparation of weight reduction medicine. Here I have given some kollu recipe tamil preparation methods.

Healthy & Simple Recipe to Cook with Curry Leaves

This dish was prepared by our Grand ma's in olden days. It's a native receipe of TamilNadu. Now let's bring back this in our day-today life. Curry leaves is usually used as a fragrant at the end of all dishes. Here, it is used as a main dish which makes healthier because it contains lots of iron content that will increase one's hemoglobin. Curry leaves has rich iron content. It's very simple to cook and also easy to prepare by office goers. Those who ignore curry leaves which is added in sam

Tamilnadu special recipe for working women, Tamilnadu instant podis, podi sadam special menu

Are you a working women looking for simple and easy way to cook meals? Then this article gives you instant tamil podis so that your cooking becomes simple and easy. Prepare this in your weekend and make your weekdays simple.

Tamilnadu Special Chutney Varieties, South Indian Chutnies and their Health Benefits

Are you looking for the methods to prepare different chutney varieties? Then this article will help you out to make excellent varieties of chutnies in an easy and simple method. Fed up of what to prepare in the morning for your main dish? Read this article and start preparing your favorite chutney and get to know their health benefits too.

Potato and Green Peas Kuruma

Potatoes are a favorite choice of vegetable for everyone. Noone will deny the recipe made of potatoes. And adding green peas to this attracts children. Here is a kuruma variety using potatoes and peas instead of the normal vegetable kuruma. With the available ingredients you have in your kitchen, I am sure this easy to prepare.

How to make Yam Tikki

This article gives a detailed discussion of how to make Yam Tikki. The key ingredients are Yam and fried gram. Usually, yam is not liked by children. But this method attracts children to taste our yam tikki. This can be given as an evening snack for children or can be served with sambar rice.

Dahi Brinjal - North Indian Style

This article gives a detailed discussion of how to make Dahi Brinjal. The key ingredients are Curd and Brinjal. This recipe is also called as the Dahi Paingan. It can be used as a side dish for idlis, dosas, chapattis and can served with rice too.

Tamil Recipe to make Gopi Manchurian

Gopi Manchurian is very nice side dish to Fried Rice, Brinji Rice and Gee Rice. Now am going to explain how to prepare Gopi Manchurian at home. This is very easy to prepare only 30 minutes to prepare. No need to go for restaurants to taste Gopi Manchurian.

Recipes of Wheat Halwa and Maida Halwa

Halwa is a sweet which is loved by all and especially in south India and there is a town in Tamil Nadu which is really famous for Halwa. This is the sweet if we think itself will yield our tongue to taste it. It can suit to any festive seasons.

Recipes of Coconut Halwa and Milk Halwa

Are you looking for the recipe of Thirattupal of Tamil Nadu. Thirattupal will be done from both coconut and milk which are generally called as coconut halwa and milk halwa. Now enjoy these recipes and look at the preparation of these.

Obesity curing Tamil recipe Horse gram spicy Jam or Kollu Chutney.

Depressed due to 0besity; Feeling shy to converse with people; Did Life makes you to feel alone. You can change it. This Obesity curing Tamil recipe Horse gram spicy Jam gives you the power for it. This wonderful medicinal and great side dish pleases your taste and fights Obesity as well. Hope this article will be useful.

Obesity curing Tamil recipe Horse gram spicy juice or Kollu Rasam.

Suffering from Obesity; Want a disease free slim body; Want to enjoy life; Dance in party; Swim in beach; Want to wear tight fits. Then this article is for you. Drink this Obesity curing, Tamil recipe Horse gram spicy juice, which acts as a medicine and energy drink as well. This Tamil recipe can be cooked quickly and easily on your own. In this article you will find the end solution for Obesity problem. Hope you enjoy this.

Tamil weight loss recipe Horse gram powder of Kollu podi.

Want to reduce your weight quickly. Want to wear tight pants. Are you searching for a diet which reduce your tummy size and make it flat. Fed up with trying number of ways to lose weight. Your problem ends today. In this article you will find an quick to cook and delicious Tamil recipe for weight loss. Hope it will aid you in your weight loss program.

Recipe for Diwali Sweet Maa Laadu(Flour Balls)

This recipe is famous in south Tamil Nadu and especially in Tirunelveli District. People always do this for any occasion and in particular Deepavali. This by seeing the name people used to think that this is recipe with bengal gram but it is different and have a nice flavour.

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