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Velammal Engineering College Chennai, Tamilnadu
It is one of the best colleges situated at Chennai and I have been there once and found that the college has all the facilities and the standard of students are really good when it comes to education. Not only that the college also offers other activities like sports and NCC. It is one among the few colleges where the NCC Navy wing is operated. I should say that the college is also known for the sports activities conducted and there was a second prize secured by one of the students in international Chess competitions. It shows the grade of the college among other colleges in Chennai.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2011
SRM Engineering college Kuttankulathur near Chennai, Tamilnadu
SRM is a well known college that offers Engineering and management studies to the students and I think it is still more popular when management studies comes into picture. SRM is the one of the some colleges that provides more infrastructural facilities and most of the classes are Air Conditioned. I think the college offers the best services that can be compared with the Business schools in chennai.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2011
Complete Information about Anna Centenary Library at Kotturpuram in Chennai – Tamil Nadu
I think you have provided the detailed review on the various aspects and things relating to this Centenary. I think the detailed view on the various floors in the centenary would provide a better idea for the viewers about the things happening over there. I dont know why the present government planned to make this centenary into a hospital, as the centenary is already doing well.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2011
Our valuable tradition and good practices from our anchestors in Tamilnadu
These were the religious practices that were practiced by our ancestors but now a days they have been forgotten by the mankind as most of them are very busy in office and jobs. I feel that if the practices like Surya Namaskaram at the early morning make the person healthy and can avoid tensions in work areas.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2011
Over view on Koodankulam Power Plant problem in Tamil Nadu and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's view
I think this is the greatest problem faced by our state and the government is unable to take any situation as their is huge opposition from the public at kudakulam. I think that the people would quit the movement and pave way for the government to start the plant for the development of mankind.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2011
Recruitment of Gas Agents by South Indian Gas Agency Tamilnadu 2011-2012
Hello Friends,
I think tomorrow is the last date for receiving the applications and so try to get them as soon as possible and the last date for receiving details and money deposits are 5th December 2011.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2011
Varma Kalai
I think this is a very much needed art to seek so as to protect ourselves. But these practices were made by our ancestors and they have not passed them for the next generations as they feared that it could provide more harm to mankind rather than usefulness. I have heard more about it but it is the first time I am reading them in detail.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2011
Buy / Preorder your Airtel, Aircel iPhone 4s in Tamilnadu
Hello Venkata Kumar,
I think you have provided the much needed details of the Iphone details and I think there may be even more mobiles in display in the future period of time. I think the Aircel is making a good marketing over here and I think that this would be a new revolution in the history of Mobile phones in India.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2011
Dental education and List of all Dental Colleges in Tamil Nadu
Hello Naina Khan,
I think you have provided the detailed information of all the dental colleges in Chennai and the Ramachandra and SRM colleges are the best colleges not only in Chennai but throughout India. I think there would be more number of colleges arising in the future period of time.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2011
History and Success Facts behind Neeya Naana – Vijay TV Talk show
Hello Naina Khan,
It is one of the best program that is telecasted in vijay TV and all our family would always sit together and watch this program without fail. I just saw the article and it was finely penned by you.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 12 Nov 2011
The list of movies of the Tamil Actor Vimal
Yes Venkata pradeep,
I did that because it was a flop and it may degrade the name of the actor and I don't think the movie was that much good.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 26 Oct 2011
Impact of Hindi in Tamilnadu - View of common people & Role of Government
Hello sir,
It is definitely true that it is only the perception of the people towards their mother language and Hindi the national language which made them think in such a way that seeking one language may affect the knowledge about one's one mother language.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 22 Oct 2011
Salesians of Don Bosco Salesian Provincial House Chennai, Tamilnadu
Hello Francis,
I would state that you have provided the complete information on the school and the areas where it is specialized I too feel that The school is one of the best as I have been to this school once to participate in the sports activity.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 21 Oct 2011
Tamil movie Vaagai sooda vaa review
Hello Jerold,
I would state I had watched this movie and was pretty impressed by the performance of Vimal and the story had also got a message to the children's at the village that India has developed but still child labor is there and it has to be totally eliminated from the society.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 21 Oct 2011
Top Three best Tamil comedy movies
Hello Arul,
I think you have made a valid suggestion so as to correct my mistakes and I have did them so as to enable more traffic to my article. I think would not do the mistakes again and will try for the betterment of the site.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 21 Oct 2011
Tamil Nadu State Local Body Official Election Results Online
Hello Arul fracis,
I would state you to update the results as soon as it gets over and the most recent information should be updated so that the viewers can get a better idea on the concept and I think the Election results have been over and AIADMK won the Elections and that is not updated in your article.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 21 Oct 2011
Profile and Biography about complete list of Chief Ministers of Tamilnadu
Hello Rajesh,
It is really an awesome collection made by you to state the various leaders of our state along with some information of the same. I had eagerly waiting to get the collection of various chief minister of our state and think it is very useful for me.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 20 Oct 2011
TSR article-guidelines, tips, tricks and basic SEO techniques
Hello Venketa Kumar,
I really feel that this is one of the useful tips for the betterment of the members in TSR. I also feel that if all these guidelines are taken care by the author of the article he may earn a good income from the site.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 20 Oct 2011
Tamilnadu Trichy Assembly By-Poll Election results 2011 - AIADMK won
Hello Kranthi Kiran,
It is good to see that the AIADMK has won the By poll elections at Trichy, I want to know till when the other results of all the areas in Tamil Nadu would be released. I think there was a strong competition between the candidates of both DMK and AIADMK when it comes to the BY-POLL elections at trichy.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 20 Oct 2011
Earning tips in
Hello Venketa Kumar,
I would say that it is a good statement made by you, I am very well aware of the reward program and think that it is really worthy to spend at least a hour or two and make some nice money really very easily in this site.
Author: sudhan      Posted Date: 20 Oct 2011

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