Performing Arts of Tamilnadu

Barathanatyam and Carnatic Music are two famous performing arts of Tamilnadu. Find here information about those performing arts here. You can also find information about teachers and classes that teach these performing arts.

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P C Sorcar Magic Show 2013 in Chennai Ticket Booking Online Venue & details of Sorcar's Magic Show

Are you searching for a good place of entertainment for your kids? How to spend your summer vacation? Bored of watching films and other usual places of entertainment? Then read this article to know about "P.C Sorcar's Magic Show 2013" in Chennai. Get to know all the details about P.C Sorcar's Magic Show Ticket Booking Online, venue, contact numbers and much more details about the magic show in Chennai.

Tamil actor Prasanna and Sneha marriage date news

Get the details about tamil actor Prasanna marriage date, love between Sneha and Prasanna and much more latest news about Prasanna and Sneha. Below I have provided details such as marriage venue, marriage date. If you are looking for live streaming links of Sneha and Prasanna marriage and live online links? You can find out here.

Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maamalai - guitar strumming pattern for beginners

I've yearned to play this song after buying my guitar! This is a fantastic song and everybody who learns guitar wants to play this tune :) I got this song from my friend who used to teach guitar. I practiced and improvised his version. The below notes are my own version of the song. My own copyright :)

Varma Kalai

This article gives you information about our amazing martial art Varma Kalai, What is Varma Kalai , Origin of Varma Kalai, History of Varma Kalai, Weapons used in Varma Kalai, Types of Training given in Varma Kalai, Techniques in Varma Kalai, Books on Varma Kalai, Varma Kalai for Treatment of diseases, pressure points in Varma Kalai and many more.

Musical Career of Muthiah Bhagavater

Career of Muthiah Bhagavatar; Musical career of Muthiah Bhagavatar; disciples of Muthiah Bhagavatar and many more.

Silambattam - The art of Tamilians

This artcile contains details on What silambattam is , history of silambattam , silambattam techniques , the duration of silambattam ,the weapons used in silambattam and so on.

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