Mayans were Tamil people proofs

In this article I have given details about the Maayan were Tamilans with various proofs. Maayans predictions were now so popular and this information that I heard Maayans were Tamils were really exciting. Read the article below for more excitement.

Mayans were Tamil

You may heard the word Mayans when you searched for 2012 worlds end. First I give some details about Mayan. If your were familiar about Mayan just ignore this.

Who are Mayans
Mayans were ancient civilization formed before 4000years. Their civilization were found at current cities like Mexico, Gautemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and North America. They were good at astronomy and mathematical skills. Their predictions about astronomy were very accurate. Researchers feel that they gained those skills from aliens. Current researchers feels that their calendar says something about worlds end. There is mixed opinion about the calendar. But the final conclusion is the information about the calendar is not clear and they still remain unpredictable.

Mayans relation with Tamil's proofs

Tamil people were called as Dravidian during ancient time. Dravidian consists of people's like Tamil's, Malayali, Telugu and Kannada. Tamil people were the ancestors of all. Those things were written clearly in Tamil literature.

Dravidians lead their civilization in the southern part of India that includes Sri Lanka. The main relation between Mayan and Dravidans were their body color. The skin tone that drawn in the Mayan book paintings and the Dravidian matches perfectly. Dravidian were very good at trade and they lead sea journey. In one of the ancient Dravidian map there was a seaway to Central America (Mayan). This thing confirms that Tamils reached Malayan home.

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The word Maya is present only in the Dravidian language. No other languages in the world have the word Maya. Not only the word Maya all the words of Maayans matches Dravidian languages. Their pronunciation were much similar to Dravidian language. Mayan's books says their home were 1000miles towards west. At that period Dravidian were the only civilization on the west side. You all know the recent research about Tamil people that they got oldest gene in the earth and it backs 4000year. During the same period Mayan were originated.

Hindu religion has large number of God's. Dravidian worshipped lord Shiva a lot. This same God was worshipped in Maybe city with different name. Snake were worshipped as God by Dravidian and same habit were cultivated there. "Dhayam" is a dice game that is familiar in Dravidian culture and the same game were played by Maayans.

I think you all know about Raja Raja Chola and his temple named as Peruvudaiyaar Temple or the Tanjore Big temple. In Mayan's city there one such temple with same architecture. Those buildings were not available at present but available in the form of books and paintings. Many architecture especially the pyramid shape doom were extracted from Dravidian civilization.

This all were the proof that confirms Malayan were Tamil. A foreign author also wrote a book about Maayans were Tamil. He researched much about Maayans and presented his book that contains proofs with pictures.

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