Tamil Panchangam Rasi Kal Gem Stones and their effects

This article "Tamil Panchangam Rasi Kal Gem Stones and their effects" will be useful for those who believe in astrology. In this article you get to know about the significance and effects of wearing gem stones and also the gem stones for each zodaic sign. Read the article to know more about gem stones.

Rasikarkal Palangal and their effects in Tamil Panchangam

Why should we wear a gemstone
Each and every man's action in the Universe is controlled By The Planetary System. According to astrology if the planets are placed in a favorable place in an Individual's Horoscope he or she will attain a very good position in his or her life. If it is vice versa then he or she has to face all the bad effects in his or her life, i.e., the person will not be able to attain success either in his work or in his family. Inorder to rule out the Negative Effects of the planets the Gems plays an important role. If a person wears a Gemstones he may make his desired house strong.

Significance of the twelve houses in our tamil Panchangam

There are twelve houses in our tamil Panchangam which are as follows:
Lagna sthana or 1st House : lagna sthana self, personality, physical appearance, nature, and health. Most important house in one's Horoscope
Dhana sthana or 2nd House : A house of wealth which represents financial status, profit and loss of movable Property.
3rd House: Brothers, sisters, neighbours, short journey, publications, writing etc.
4th House : land, vehicle, mother, house.
5th House : children, education, romance and games.
6th House : disease, enemy, servants.
7th House : marriage and business partnership.
8th House : insurance, accident and the type of death of the native.
9th House : fortune, long distance travel, and religious nature of the native.
10th House : job, business, and father.
11th House : gains, friends and relationship.
12th House : loss, loan, & legal cases.

Effects of wearing gemstones

• All the Human beings act either in a positive or in a negative manner depending upon the gravitational pull of the universe since the human body emits radiations. Inorder to nullify this negative effects and to gain the positive power it is good to wear a gemstone.

• Gems have got the power of magnet which emit vibrations that produce positive effects in humans.

Wearing a gemstone may change the life of an individual it may help him to gain success in everything.

Gemstones helps in marriage, child birth and also for attaining good name in the work place.

Gemstones according to the date of birth

gemstonesGems produce a very direct impact on an individual zodaic sign. Below is the list of the gems suitable for each zodiac sign:
Zodic Sign and Gems Suitable
Gemstone for Aries: Ruby, Blood Stone
Gemstone for Tarus: Golden Topen, Emerald Or Yellow Topaz
Gemstone for Gemini: Crystal
Gemstone for Cancer: Emerlad, Moonstone
Gemstone for Leo: Ruby
Gemstone for Vigro: Zircon, Turquoise
Gemstone for Libra: Diamond
Gemstone for Scorpio: Topaz Or Agate
Gemstone for Sagittarius: Amethyst
Gemstone for Capricorn: Smoky Quartz
Gemstone for Aquarius: Blue Sapphire
Gemstone for Pisces: Diamond

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