Tamil month Marghazi month’s significance and its important events.

“I am Margazhi among months…” says Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Gita. This month is a highly divine month in Tamil calendar. Why it is so. What makes this month so auspicious. Want to know. Then this article is for you. I tried to provide as much as possible information’s I can. Hope it will be useful.

Importance of Tamil month Margazhi

This month is dedicated to worship of deities. It starts on December 17 and end on January 13. Our one earth year is considered as one day for Devas. So for the Deva loka this month is considered as morning time and Brahma mugurtha for Devas.

Generally morning time is apt for worship and meditation. For this reason there are no festivals and functions in this month only worships for deities. This whole month is dedicated for worships. Carnatic music concerts are held in this month.

The worship called Raapatthu and Pagalpatthu is celebrated in Sri Rangam Temple for 21 days. Thiruvempavai is also recited in all temples in the mornings. The most important worships in this month are Paavai Nombu, Vaikunda Ekadesi, Hanuman Jayanthi and Arudara Dharshan. The pilgrim season in Sabarimala will end in this month which started on Karthigai month.

Importance of Bhajans and Kollams in Tamil Margazhi month

In this month the Ozone layer will be closed to earth early morning before sunrise all 30 days of this Marzhaghi month. Breathing the air in the early morning is good for health. That is why men are asked to do Bhajans in the street and women to draw kollams in the street early morning before sunrise. Every one should visit temples in the early morning. Our Tamil culture's rituals are centered in the human beings health.

Tamil month margazhi and Bhagavat Gita

In Bhagavat Gita lord Krishna says "… I am Margazhi among 12 months…" When sun enters from one rasi to next rasi it is celebrated as Sankranthi. In this Margazhi month sun enters from Virshikka rasi to Dhanur rasi The first day of the Margazhi month is celebrated as Dhanur Sankranthi. In rasi chart the lord of the Dhanur rasi is Jupiter.

All planets in the solar system reflect light rays to earth from sun and galactic center as well. Among these planets is the only planet which gives more light to earth.. It is also called as Guru Bhagavan. "GU" means dark and "RU" means vanishes. Guru means one who eliminates the dark and shows us the God. So this month is considered as highly Divine month.

This Margazhi month is right time for spiritual evolution and liberation from birth death cycle as well. This is the reason why Lord Krishna says "I am Margazhi among months…" in Bhagavat Gita.An important celestial occurrence called winter solstice takes place in this month.

Vaikunda Ekadesi in Tamil Margazhi month

Tamil culture is famous for fasting. Generally Ekadesi fasting is observed by Tamils. Ekadesi comes two times in a Tamil lunar month. 11th day from New moon which is called Shukla Paksha Ekadesi and 11th day from Full moon which is called Krishna Paksha Ekadesi. There are 23 Ekadesis in Tamil year.

Among them Vaikunda Ekadesi which falls on Margazhi month is considered as auspicious. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is said that fasting on this day and worshiping Lord Vishnu would attain Vaikunta. Fasting in Vaikunda Ekadesi is equivalent to the fasting in all Ekadesi.

How to fast on Tamil Margazhi month Vaikunda Ekadesi

On Ekadesi those who fast should not take rice on that day. Whole day should do jabas of the Lord Vishmu. They should not sleep that night. In the morning should visit temples and get the blessings of God. It is said that Vaikundam or Sorka vaasal is kept open on that day. In the after noon they should mix 21 types for vegetable and prepare food for lunch. In the evening after 6'o clock they should sleep.

Story behind Tamil Margazhi month Vaikunda Ekadesi

There are some stories about Ekadesi. In Padma Purana it is said that once upon a time there lived an Asura called "MURAN". He was very powerful and was torturing all rishis. Rishis went to Lord Shiva and compliant about him. He asked them to visit Lord Vishnu for the rescue.

Lord Vishnu accepted their demands and fought with Muran. It was difficult for Lord Vishnu himself to win him. So Lord Vishnu thought he would need a special weapon to demolish Muran. Lord Vishnu went to a cave called Hemavathi which is in Badrikashramam to prepare a new weapon.

While Lord Vishnu was sleeping in the cave Muran came and tried to kill Lord Vishnu. Instantly a female energy came out from Lord Vishnu and burnt him in her mere look. Lord Vishnu was pleased and named her as Ekadesi and asked her to claim a boon as well. Ekadesi said that those who fast on Ekadesi should be redeemed of their sins. Lord Vishnu granted the boon and declared those who fast on this day and worship Ekadesi will attain Vaikundam.

Lord Shiva worship on Tamil Margazhi month

Thiruvathirai is the star of and worshiped in the full moon day of Margazhi month in all Lord Shiva Temples. Abhishekams and special poojas are performed. In Chidambaram it will be in a grand manner. A sweet called Kali made from all vegetable and jaggery is offered to Lord Shiva. Thiruvempavai is recited in temples. Thiruvempavai was sung by Lord Shiva devotee Manickavasagar.

Importance of Thiruppavai in Tamil Margazhi month

Thiruppavai was sung by lord Krishna's devotee Andal. Andal fell in love with lord Krishna and wanted to marry him. The songs she sung for lord Krishna was collectively called as Thiruppavai. At the end she merged with Lord Krishna. Thiruppavai contains 30 songs. In this Margazhi month unmarried girls sing one song each day for 30 days to get good husband for them.

We should worship God in this auspicious month and get blessings from the God. Happy Margazhi masam wishes.

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Your article is simply superb. You have explained about the significance of Marghazi month but nowadays it is just disappearing we cannot even see the big kolams and many ladies think it as a waste of time to put kolams. Our tamil culture is just vanishing slowly.

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@E.Mangala... Thanks for taking pain to appreciate me. Thanks..! Yes true our Tamil culture is vanishing slowly.

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