The problem of Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu

This is the article about the to describe the importance of electricity in the life of human being. The article also states about the problem faced by the whole country because of the kudankulam power plant that is constructed in Tamil Nadu.

Introduction to electricity in India

As air is one of the essential thing without which life is not possible electricity has also become more important in man's life. When we got our independence the electricity produced by our country was as low as 1300 megawatts. But as of now we have increased the electricity production to about 1 lakh 73 thousand megawatt. Even though we have such a drastic improvement the demand for the electricity is more than that of the availability.

It is estimated that about 4 lakh megawatt would be required by the year 2030 and we are striving hardly to increase the production of electricity. That is for next 20 years we have to produce 10 thousand megawatt electricity per year. It has been estimated that the production of electricity from one nuclear plant is 1000 megawatts. Hence we have to open 10 such plants each year so as to meet the demand for the electricity in our country.

How electricity is produced

There are various sources of productivity of electricity like nuclear power plant, thermal power plant, hydro power plant, solar power plant and wind power plant. In hydro power plants the electricity is produced from the water that has been stored and when the water is let out, the large turbines are used to generate large volume of electricity. In thermal power plant the items like coal or petrol are used to generate the electricity where the electricity is generated from the steam that is produced to rotate the turbines.

Nuclear power plant is the plant that generates electricity due to the nuclear reactions that takes place in laboratories and huge factories and the same is used to rotate the turbines and get the needed electricity out of it. Wind power plant is used in the mechanism of windmill and when there is a good flow of air or wind the turbines start to rotate and hence electricity is produced. From the solar rays that have been reaching the earth's surface, Photo voltaic cells are used to convert the rays into electricity.

Importance of nuclear power plants

Though there are many sources of electricity in our country the main source of electricity is the nuclear power plant that produces about 65% of the total electricity of our country. Most of the electricity that is derived from the hydro power plant is produced only by the north and north east nations of our country. It has been estimated that about 38000 units are produced in this method of production of electricity. There is very less electricity produced from wind energy and solar energy as it is totally dependent on the availability of sun rays and wind energy. It is so that we are running after some continual production unit and so it is definitely nuclear plants that can give us the continual production of electricity.

It has been estimated that the resource needed for producing this power like coal and petrol is vanishing at a speedy rate and if the same situation persists the resources would get extinct in forthcoming 100 years and so it is needed that a new revolution takes place soon for the production of electricity. This is the reason why we are running behind the nuclear power houses. The nuclear power houses were first granted in the year 1948 by the doctor Hommy Jahangeer Baba and Jawaharlal Nehru in the name "Baba nuclear power plant" which was established in Mumbai.

Current situation prevailing in Kudankulam

Kudankulam Nuclear plantAs of now a total of 4780 megawatt of electricity is produced in 20 nuclear plants that are established in India and 7 more nuclear plants is under construction in which one is the Koodankulam nuclear plant tamilnadu. It was signed in the year 1988 by former prime minister of India Indhira Gandhi. In the year 2001 our former Prime Minister Atal Bihaari Vaajpai and Russian president pudin agreed to set up an agreement. Soon a project worth of 13500 crores was designed to be created by our government. Immediately a concrete base was build so as to start the nuclear plant in kudankulam. Thousands and thousands of scientists both from Russia and India were used for the construction purpose of this plant.

As of now more than 250 Indian scientists and 120 Russian scientists were used for this purpose till now. More than 18000 employees were used for constructing the plant in kudankulam and as of now more than 6000 employees are working for the maintenance of the nuclear plant. The government planned to construct 4 nuclear plants and initially it has completed 2 power plants in which one is the plant at kudankulam. It was proposed to start its production I the December next year. Soon the experiments were conducted and when the first test was conducted the new problem popped out where there was a strong opposition by the people of Kudankulam.

Fear in the minds of people of Kudankulam

There is a fear in the minds of the people that if there is destruction in the plant the plant would destroy the whole land and its surrounding and the effect would affect the people living in the nearby areas and hence the people are fearing the plant for a large extend. This fear came in the minds of the people after the destruction of nuclear plant in Japan where a destruction was caused by the tsunami where there was a huge destruction and lot of people where affected whoever was leading their life near the coastal area and this is the reason for the peoples fear for the plant.

So as to express their feeling they have entered into a hunger strike for the past three months and the government is in a huge pressure over there and it is finding it extremely difficult to face the problem created by the public. Kudankulam is situated at about 75 kilometers from Thirunalveli where there are lots of fishermen leading their lives. Ocean is the life of these people and the people are fully dependent on sea for their lives. Lots of people are supporting the cause of livelihood in this area and people are dis- agreeing the statements made by the government and the officials. The government is also unable to tackle the problem created by the people of kudankulam as it is all about the lives of thousands of people who are dependent in the areas and having no other go other than these places.

After this protest made by the people of Kudankulam the state government had asked the central government to postpone the date of the operation of this plant and the government officials have also accepted the norms placed by the state government. At present only the maintenance work is being carried out by the workers at kudankulam. A meeting has been organized by the group of people from both ends so as to discuss on the topic in a clear matter and arrive at a solution soon. The government has also appointed a separate crew to solve the problem existing at kudankulam and we shall hope for the best in the future period of time.


There has been a discussion among various people whether the project is a boon or a bare? Whether this problem would come to an end or not? Would this benefit the people or destroy them? These are the various questions that a person can ask himself when the project is taken into discussion.

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