Tamil Rasi Palangal 2012 Panchangam Jothidam Predictions for New Year

This article Tamil rasi palangal 2012 predictions for New Year gives the Jothidam horoscope details as per Tamil Panchangam. You can see the rasi palan for all 12 rasikal Mesha rasi, Rishaba, Mithuna, kataka, Simha, kanni, Thula, Viruchigam, Thanusu, Makara, Makara and Meena rasi palan 2011 from January to December Months.

Mesha rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Astrology

This is 2012 tamil rasi palangal predictions for all the twelve Tamil rasi.

This is Aries horoscope Mesha rasi palan 2012. This New Year 2012 will work well for Mesha rasi. You people have strong mind and always choose the right directions. This year Mesha rasi people will plan for their new projects and succeed the project. Don't afraid and hesitate to show your talents. You will get the support of an experienced person to complete all your commitments. In your family you will face problems with your life partner. Best advise is to discuss everything with your life partner before taking a family matters. As per Tamil Mesha rasi palan 2012 the planets Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are very strong and they will help you to fulfill your cash needs.

Rishaba rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Astrology

The second in Tamil Rasi Palangal 2012 is Taurus Horoscope 2011 made some obstacles in your carrier growth and you are worried about that but this year the predications of Rishaba rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Astroligy brings you rewards for your hard work. The planet Jupiter is very strong to give a very pleasant family situation and success in all your business. The work for you people will be more so plan yourself to do the thing well with out any confusion. This year 2012 is excellent for lovers and couples to bind their relationship. Regarding finance the first half of the year 2012 will be tight and the remaining months from July to December there will be good flow of money in your hands. Students can get Placements.

Mithuna rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Astrology

This is 2011 rasi palangal in tamil for Mithuna rasi. Actions, Job, and Family relationship are the highlights of Mithuna rasi palan 2012. A new relationship blooms with a stranger which brings back your lost joy. Be careful while taking important career plans otherwise it will cause some financial problems but definitely you gain money. So don't worry this will work from the beginning of the year itself. Mithuna rasi people are always not bothering about budget. It is advised to put financial plan for the New Year avoid unnecessary tensions. All the unsolved questions in your family and profession and personal will be cleared. You will have some strong quarrels with your life partner.

Kataka rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Panchangam

Kataka rasi people are very intelligent, brave and over confident. It is very difficult to get respect from them. The predictions for Kataka rasi 2012 start with some positive great changes. This year is very good to start your new business. You can touch the fruit of success only after you put great effort and work. The planets are favoring you to compete with your competitors by giving smart work or brain work. You will spend more money for your friends and family. The profits will be more in the beginning and it will reduce slightly in the rest of the months. Your lover or life partner will feel comfortable secure with your company. This year heals all the problems and bitterness between the couples.

Simha rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Panchangam

The special in Tamil Rasi Palangal 2012 Simha rasi. These people always things that they are correct, their decisions are good but the over speed sometimes cause problems. Simha rasi palan 2012 gives you prosperous and joy. The excellent location of Saturn and Uranus complete all your obstacles continuing from the past two years. You will get more importance in the family and in profession. There will be some trouble in your health like the infections of skin allergies, leg pain, and some digestive (like ulcer, acidity and gastric) problems. There will be more pressure in your profession during the month of July. There is a chance for increment and higher job opportunities this year. Your bond with your life partner becomes strong. From this year you will think and do some savings for the future.

Kanni rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Horoscope

kanni rasi people are very intelligent and they are liked by all age group people. The planet Mercury favours you more intelligent. The person in music and fine arts gets rewards. Your finance level is always more than the expectation. kanni rasi palan 2012 gives you more and more profit in your new projects.
You have to work hard in the side of management. The planet Venus is sitting in an excellent place, which favors you wealth so you can invest some money on plot, flat or land. The chance for abroad will knock your door. Practicing Laxmi slogan on Fridays can boost your earnings. This year 2012 the planet Mars is placed in the 12th box so you may get some fore accidents. You ate worrying about your life partner's health, the worries will be vanished. There will be some problems in your brothers or sisters relationship.

Thula rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Horoscope

You Thula rasi people are ruled by Venous. This year 2012 in Tamil rasi palan is excellent for people those who are in the field of finance, business, cash, money and banking. The location of Ragu in the wealth box can favor some gain. Students planning for higher education can get their fields in technical and agricultural line. This year is not good for people those who are doing self employed but your hard work may boost you for a satisfactory situation. Students seeking for government jobs can get their dream true. You will have some major health problems this year. The family and personal relationship will be good, but as per Tamil 2012 rasi palan you may have some emotional disappointment. Your bond with your mother will be stronger in the year 2012.

Viruchigam rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Astrology

You people are very beautiful and smart but the only negative is your anger. In 2012 Viruchigam rasi females are very dominate. You are a good decision maker but this year you will be fickle minded in your decision. Your intelligence helps you to achieve some new goals. Your earnings may reduce in the beginning of the year 2012. You will invest some money in land, house, and agriculture. You are very efficient to tackle the entire positive and negative situation. Don't be much emotional, just take it easy. You may have some stomach problems but it is temporary. Your family members will be more cooperative and loving. Your relationship with your sister will improve better.

Thanusu rasi Palan 2012 in Tamil Astrology

Thanusu rasi people are ruled by the planet Jupiter so they behave in a way of highly polished. They look good and attract the people by their smile. They do the things honestly, have faith in god and show their sympathy openly. Thanusu rasi Palan 2012 is very lucky and it is going to give you more gain and wealth. The location of Saturn and Rahu, Ketu gives an excellent profit for business people. For students this is the perfect time to take competitive exams and become a winner. Regarding health, there will be some blood loss or problems. You have the sense to tackle the personal family in a balanced way.

Makara rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Astrology

Makara rasi People are cunning and they adopt or tackle the difficult situations very easily. You are friendly and encouraging other people but you cannot adjust with your life partner. Makara rasi palan 2011 states that, the same situation continuous. You people have the ability to earn much with your hard work but you are not ready to put the complete effort. You should be careful from January 2012 to March 2012, because this is the time to face some financial loss. The health for Makara rasi is good in the first half and you may get some heart related problems in the second half of the year. Diet plan is very important for you. This year is the end for searching your life partner or lover, yet you will get the right choice and happy family life.

Kumba rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Jothidam

Kumba rasi people are very intelligent and have the ability to become a teacher. The second thing found in you is the memory power that makes you to shine in your education and profession. They talk even with the strangers and make friends very easily. The god of wealth is in third house, so you get gain from your blood relations like brothers or sisters. You believe on moral and honesty so this year you will spend money for some life saving charities. You have a chance to fly abroad for education or business purpose. Your health condition is good but you may have some lungs related minor problems in the later year. You are more attached with your parents than your life partner; this will give you safety environment in your family.

Meena rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Jothidam

The last rasi of Tamil Rasi Palangal 2012 is Meenam. Meena rasipeople are very religious and follow some orthodox principles. You money and finance is going to ruled by the planet Mars. Good time for the writers. It is good to start your new business. People those who are trying to enlarge their career should thing of that before processing. There is no warning regarding your health as per Meena rasi palan 2012 but some skin problems may occur. Some problems in your family life occur due to your emotional weakness. You are affectionate with your partner and your parents maintain some distance with you. All your family issues will be settled by the second half of the year. The lucky colours, numbers will be updated soon in Rasi palangal 2012 in Tamil language.

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