Tamil festival days oil bath’s medicinal benefits

All Tamil festivals begin with oil bath in warm water in early morning. Oil bath is an old custom in Tamil culture. In our Tamil culture there is a scientific reason behind every ritual. Why should we have an oil bath in festival days. Want to know the medicinal benefit behind oil bath. In this article I tried to provide as much as information I can. Hope this will be useful.

Why oil bath in every Tamil festival

Tamilians are very familiar with the early morning oil bath, which is compulsory, in hot water during festival days. However many of us are not aware of the benefits behind oil bath. In our experience oil bath relaxes our body completely by creating good blood circulation in micro blood vessels under the skin. This makes us to feel fresh. Our face glows. Our enthusiastic level rises.

During festival days our relatives and friends visit our house or we may happen to visit our relatives or friends houses. Meeting them with our glowing face and full of enthusiasm we can create confidence in others and share our happiness with them. There are more medicinal benefits in oil bath.

Medicinal benefits in oil bath in Tamil festival days

In Tamil culture every act and ritual in celebrating festivals is designed in such way to benefit human health. Having oil bath in Tamil festival days is one of such acts.

There are many millions of micro blood vessels present in our body. They carry blood to our organs like eyes, kidney, lever skin so on and so forth. Skin is the largest organ in our body. Underneath skin there exist countless micro blood vessels. To stimulate proper blood circulation in those micro blood vessels, oil bath is made compulsory in all Tamils festival days by our ancestors. Lets us investigate how oil bath helps in proper blood circulation in micro blood vessels.

Tamil festival days oil bath increases blood circulation in micro blood vessels

Heat expands cold contracts. This is the nature's law. By producing heat on the skin we can expand the micro blood tubes under the skin, so that blood circulates freely through micro blood vessels. This can be done by rubbing with our hands over the skin. However if we rub with bare hands on the skin it produces heat and burning sensation as well. In addition it may damage the skin. If we rub the skin after applying oil, it will produce heat without burning sensation. The micro blood vessels expand; paves way for ample blood circulation and Skin feels a smooth effect.

Tamil festival days oil bath prevents skin cancer and skin diseases.

Good blood circulation in micro blood vessels under the skin prevents shrinks in the skin and ageing as well. In addition, regular oil bath prevent many skin related diseases. Now the medical world realized that the oil massage can prevent skin cancer, which our Tamil culture had made it as a ritual long time ago. Oil bath also cleans the dust in our hair pores completely. As the blood circulation increases in the micro blood vessels it makes the skin to glow and manifest the natural beauty of the face and whole body.

Tamil festival days oil bath procedure

Have a head bath using Sikkai, a day before oil bath. Sikkai powder is an herbal powder. It cleans the dirt in the hair pores and also used to clean the body in oil bathing. First apply handful of oil on the top of the head and rub nicely until heat produces there. Then apply oil on the face and massage gently. Then apply oil over the body. Now massage gently entire body with hands for 15 minutes. Pour some drops in the meeting point of nail and skin in fingers. Rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Use warm water for oil bathing. Use Sikkai powder for cleaning the oil on the skin. Do not sleep in the after noon on that day. In our Tamil culture oil bath is made compulsory twice in a week. Wednesday and Saturday for males; Tuesday and Friday for females.

Let us celebrate Tamilnadu festivals with early morning oil bath in coming days. Not only on festival days but also twice a week and stay away from skin cancer and skin diseases.

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