Some Hidden and actual facts about Tamil Literature

I have summed up certain important facts about the Tamil literature and the importance of Tamil literature. It has also been found that it is the oldest language and the scholars ans researchers have been trying to find the fact on which is the oldest culture and language in India, Do you think you have any Idea please go through the article to find more about the literature.

Importance of Tamil Literature in the history of Mankind

It is hard to digest that the exact time when Tamil was born in this world is still unknown There are many researchers who have tried to find the fact about Tamil but have failed continuously, it is a fact that Tamil is the language which has got more literature to it and I think there are more than 30000 literature in Tamil.

There are only two languages in India which holds the title Classical language to it which are Tamil and Sanskrit. Tamil and Hinduism are the oldest bonded culture which tends to be older than 5000 years. It has also been estimated that Lord Shiva was worshiped before some 5000 years and the researchers have found the proof of that in the places like Afghanistan, and some northern country that states that Tamil was practiced there too, it is also a proof that our culture is the oldest in the world that proves that the words of the scholars about the mesopatamian civilization should be rewritten with that of Indian civilization which tends back to more than 5000 years.

Tamil literature & Tamil scholars

Indian Archeologists have discovered a Tamil literature called Agasthiam a book which is supposed to be written by Agasthiya maamunivar before some 1500 B.C. this has replaced the oldest literature of Tamil which was previously stated to be Tholkappiam which was created somewhere near 500 B.C and it has been also found that the one of the oldest literature of Tamil is Sangam literature according to some scholars and it has been edited in books of tenth and twelth standard.

It has also been a fact that most of the words of Tamil is of their own and no other language can say that the words of Tamil are copied are dependent on other languages. It is also a fact that all the Dravidian languages have been made from Tamil except that of the Sanskrit and most of the words from Tamil and Sanskrit has been lending to other languages such as English.

There are many tamil scholars who have tried to find the truth which is the oldest among the language whether it is Tamil or Sanskrit but all have failed to understand the concept behind this which remains a hidden secret till now.

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