Tamil poem kadu translation and explanation

This Tamil poem emphasis the vitality of forests. How the lungs are important for our body, so as forests are for our earth. It also expresses human beings negligence to care for forests. Impliedly it also points that our negligence resulted in global warming. I hope you enjoy this Tamil poem.


பூமித் தாயின் நுரையீரல் காடு,
புற்று நோய்க் கிருமிகளாக நாம்,
அவர் நுரையீரலை அரித்துக்
அன்னைக்கு வைத்தியம் பார்ப்பது யார்?


Forest is the lungs of mother earth,
We are eroding her lungs, as cancer viruses,
Who will treat our mother earth..?

This translation of Tamil poem kadu concisely explains consequences of deforestation. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. There should be a balance between trees and human beings to live a healthy and peaceful life. If the balance is lost our health gets affected. However we never care for to preserve forests.

Presently we are in an imbalanced situation. In this poem the question is raised that who will restore the balance. By this it attempts to create awareness to preserve forest and urges human beings to think, what has to be done to check global warming.

By personifying Human beings as cancer viruses, it impliedly says that how virus kills the human cells just like that we kill the cells of lungs of mother earth and by this act we paved the path for global warming. After reading this Tamil poem we should realize that we are who had created the imbalance and we are who have to restore it. Hope you enjoy this.

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