Support of Chennai to Anna hazare and his amran anshan andholan

Chennai people supported the Amran Anshan Andholan in a peaceful manner. They conduct a candle march at chennai to send the message of full support in favor of Anna Hazare and his anshan. The protest in a peaceful manner and maintaining the non-violence is a lesson for the whole world. Many countries supported his anshan and appreciated for making the protest completely on non-violence.

Support of Chennai to Anna hazare and his amran anshan andholan

The 'Amran Anshan Andholan' also called as triple A protest drawn a huge support to Anna hazare and the Jan Lokpal Bill. Since from the beginning of anshan of Anna hazare on 16th August,2011 onwards, the people of Chennai shown their support to Anna hazare in their own way of non-violence. This is a real message to all countries of the world about the strength of non-violence. The Amran Anshan Andholan started by Anna hazare is completely on Gandhian way. Millions of people gather on the streets to show their protest but till now no incident of a single violent activity noticed so far. Many countries of the world observing this mass change in Janlokpal bill andholan. Large number of students community of SRM university, Loyala college and IIT madras showed their support for Anna hazare in the issue of janlokpal bill.

People of Adyar area remained on huger strike in support of Anna hazare over the janlokpal bill issue. On Tuesday (16th August,2011) the students of Loyala college came out with a drama showing how the corruption exploited our country and the day to day problem faced by the common man. This drama or you may called as skit really revealed the hurdled of poor people facing due to the corruption. Many ladies of Chennai area remain on relay hunger strike to show their anger and protest to the government and urge the government to pass the janlokpal bill at an early date. While launching a referendum in IIT-Madras, the social activist, Arvind Khejriwal said 'the government drafted lokpal bill will help encourage the corruption instead of controlling the corruption.'. He also unveiled the matter that the government drafted bill was prepared inside the four walls of the air-conditioned room without consulting for the public sentiments but the Janlokpal bill was prepared under the consultation of people and made a wide referendum in major universities and other public clubs etc. While briefing the difference of government lokpal bill and janlokpal bill, he clarified that the government's lokpal bill is ineffective safeguarded to dealt with the corruption occurred in panchayat, municipals, NREGA, PDS and many other area.

So, the people India favor and support for Jan Lokpal Bill instead of government's lokpal bill. So, he urged all young and children of India to give their full support to the Janlokpal bill. It is very clear from the stand of government, not interested in controlling corruption instead it is ready encourage and shield the corrupt ministers and bureaucrats. As like the people of other states, people of Tamilnadu also backing and supporting Anna hazare over the janlokpal bill. With the huge support of people, government must bow its head towards to the people of India. The congress government may have to pay a heavy cost if the bill not passed in the parliament. Member of parliament is a representative of people of India then why they are taking their step back in passing the janlokpal bill?. The real cause is that they see their own safety than the people.

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