What is Joint drafting committee of Janlokpal bill

Joint drafting committee of Jan lokpal bill Anna hazare, shanti bhusan and three more. In the same way there are five ministers on behalf of government pranab mukerjee, kapil sibal and three other. These two committee committed to draft a strong and effective Janlokpal bill but the government betray the civil society members in this case

After initiating the Janlokpal bill by Anna Hazare, the government of India appointed a joint drafting committee of Janlokpal bill. This committee comprises 10 members, 5 from the government and other 5 from the civil society. The members from the civilian side are

  • Anna Hazare, a social worker
  • Shanti Bhusan, lawyer of supreme court
  • Prashant Bhusan, social worker
  • Santosh Hegde, retired supreme court judge.
  • Arvind Khejriwal

Members from the government side are
  • Pranab Mukerjee
  • Kapil Sibal
  • P.Chidambaram
  • Veerappa Moily
  • Salman khursid.

It was presumed that this 10 member consisting joint drafting lokpal committee will work jointly to produce an effective lokpal but the reality was something around. The 5 ministers of government dominated over the committee and made all necessary amendment to make prime Minister, Supreme court judges and investigating the voting right of MP's away from the Lokpal. In additon to these, the five ministers also added few points in the Lokpal which are against the people too. If anyone file a corruption charges against an MP or any other bureaucrat and in the event of not proving the charges, he or she shall be liable for punishment for 2 years jail. This is purely against the people of India. Let me clear the issue, if a common man charges corruption over a minister, in such case the minister may change the verdict of the court by influencing his own political position and that may lead to 2 year jail for the whistle blower. To defend this position and in the point of safety of people the Janlokpal bill of Anna Hazare says the whistle blower should be protected. This point itself explains well that the government proposed lokpal bill which is purely against the people of India. Infact, the government lokpal bill is produced to punish the people who are raising voice against the corruption. To oppose the move of government regarding the lokpal issue, Anna Hazare announced the 'Amran Anshan' from 16th of August, 2011.

Is it not the duty of Government to fulfill the desire of people? then why government is denying in passing the lokpal bill. This shows the government never want anti-corruption activity in India. Particularly, Congress government always encouraged corruption, past history is itself evident of this statement. All political parties collecting crores of money from the people as a donation. Is anyone given the details of the balance sheet of their party to people? never. The money getting on donation to political parties are definitely black money. If the political parties really want a corruption free India then they must immediately disclose all the details of the donation they got from the people. The people who are donating political parties must be a corrupt and they should be identified.

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