TSR article-guidelines, tips, tricks and basic SEO techniques

In this article I have summarized the guidelines that are to be followed in TSR. You can also find the tips, tricks ans basic seo techniques that are to be followed while writing an article. Follow the procedure given in this article to get heavy traffic, points and cash for your resource.

Introduction about writing article

There are four things that you need to fill while writing an article in TSR. The four things are Title, Summary, Description and tags. Each has their own importance. For example if you take title, a title with searchable keyword will fetch you heavy traffic to your article. This will improve your adsence revenue. In addition to this you will be awarded more points and cash credits to your article. Read this article to know what are the essential things to be considered and guidelines to be followed while posting an article.

Title writing tips and guidelines

Title is the head of your article. Choose the suitable title for your article which internet users search. Your title must be search friendly. Think how will you search for your article in Google. Your title must of minimum of 8 words and maximum of 15 words. Enclose all the possible keywords in the title. Include all details such as place, name and time in title itself.

Example: If you are writing about GPRS in Airtel network, your title must be.

Airtel GPRS internet tariff and charges in Tamilnadu, 2011

Here if you have not included Tamilnadu your article will not appear when user search accurately. Also you can notice the meaning of tariff and charges are same. But half of the users search for tariff as keyword and remaining half search for charges as keyword. So include all the maximum probable keyword in your title that internet users search for.

Articles in the top pages of Google search appears by its title. So try to make your title with most searchable keyword. Your title should also be meaningful. Even if your search appears first, internet users open by your title attraction. Try to avoid chat words like multiple dots and question mark because users will search only with keywords. Avoid writing your title in full capital letter; no one will search articles by proper grammar. Avoid all the unnecessary things like designs in your article with special character. Use only words, more and more keywords in your position in search engine will be at top.

Summary writing tips and guidelines

Summary is given more importance next to your title. Summary must also contain keywords that user search for. In summary mention all the things included in your article with proper keywords. Search engines search keywords in title and summary, so fill your summary with keywords. In TSR it is mandatory to write a detailed summary and that must contain at least 3 lines. Write summary as a sentence. The things search by the users will appear directly in google search result as below.
The circles indicates the use of summary in seo ranking in search engine.

Title and the summary determines the ranking of your page in search result. So give importance to title and summary. Attractive title and summary with proper keyword will fetch will more traffic. This is one of the SEO (search engine Optimization) tips.

Description writing tips and guidelines

Here you write a detail description about article. Write your article with well quality. Don't copy from other websites and paste it here. You can refer from other website and write it in your own words. In simple collect the details and frame it in your own sentence. The source you have been taken should not be written as such in your description.

Decorate your description
1. It is good idea to decorate your description with html tags. There are many html tags available but TSR is not the place to show your html knowledge. Use only two html tags one is heading tag and the other is bold tag. Read these guidelines, this show you how to use html tag in your article.
Guidelines for using html tag

2. Write your article with paragraphs. Use more than one paragraph that looks decent. Leave space between each paragraph. Don't leave space below headings because heading tags makes one space. Don't leave space between each line that is not allowed in TSR. Don't leave spacing in unnecessary areas that makes hard to read. The spacing must be pleasing to the readers.

3. Use more headings. Headings you choose must be regarding the matter you enter under that heading. Don't finish your article by single paragraph. Use more heading with more matters under that heading. Write brief description under each heading. Don't write two or three lines under each heading. Write briefly with well quality.

4. Use images in your article. If you are writing about any actor use the image of that actor In that article. It helps the readers to identify the article easily. Using image in your article attracts readers. To add an image in TSR just go through the image below.

Points to remember while writing description
1. Don't use too many images in your article.
2. Include brief explanation about the article. Don't finish article in less paragraphs.
3. Use good keywords in description. Don't use too keyword more than one time in same line.
4. Make important points in your article to bold that looks professional.
5. Use correct spelling. Better you type your article in Microsoft word and then paste in your description because it automatically identifies the spelling mistakes.
6. Apply basic grammar in your article such as using capital letter for name and place, correct usage of a, an, the.
7. Don't copy from other sites if you continue to do that your article is in the risk of rejection.

About Tags

In tags, just enter all the keyword you use in the article. Usage of tags make easier to find your resource. You can add more than one tag by using commas.

If you are writing an article about aricel pocket internet tariff choose the tags like this:

Pocket internet, aircel gprs, aircel internet

In TSR you can use up to 10 tags in above example I have used 3 tags. Use relevant tags for your article. Don't write it as sentence for tags use keyword alone it is just for finding your resource using keywords. This doesn't makes you nice ranking in SEO.


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HI guys
I think you will find this information usefull. Read this before posting articles instead reading all posting guidelines.

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Hello Venketa Kumar,
I really feel that this is one of the useful tips for the betterment of the members in TSR. I also feel that if all these guidelines are taken care by the author of the article he may earn a good income from the site.

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Hi members
Please Update the SEO techniques that you know here as response. SEO algorithm is updated by google. Nice techniques will fetch you good earning

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