108 Divya Desam Temples in Chennai - Details of Vaishnava Divya Desa Temples in chennai, Tamil Nadu

108 Divya Desa Temple in India is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. In 108 Temples, 82 Temples are in Tamil Nadu. This Article will provide details of the Divya Desa Temples in Chennai. Get to know about Divya desa temples in chennai, go through this article

Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple, Tiruneermalai , Chennai

Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple is located near Thambaram in Chennai. This temple is suited 4 kms from pallavaram Railway Station in Chennai. This is temple is one the 108 Divaya Desam of Lord Perumal. In Tamil Neeru means water Malai means Mountain, since the mountain is surrounded by water, this place is called as Thiruneerumalai. This temple has specialty, where Lord Perumal is in various postures like Nindra Thirukkolam, Irundha Thirukkolam (Sitting posture), Kidantha Thirukkolam and Nadantha Thirukkolam. Kidantha Thirukkolam Perumal was worshiped by Valmiki Munivar. Mangalasasanam to this temple has 20 Paasurams , in which 19 Paasurams written by Thirumangai Alwar and one written by Bhudathalwar. Paasurams are songs written by 12 Alwars to pray Lord Vishnu. Collection of 12 alwar's Paasurams are called Divya Prabandam. Praying Lord Vishnu by Chanting this paasurams is called Mangalasasanam. Each Divya Desam has separate Mangalasasanam.

The Deities of Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple, Tiruneermalai
In Thiruneermalai there is a temple under the hill dedicated to Lord Rama - seventh incarnation of Lord Perumal in Nindra Thirukkolam and he is called as Sri Neervannar . As per Legend, Valmiki Munivar first worshiped other three postures of Lord Perumal in the top of the mountain and he came down from the mountain and prayed Lord Vishnu to gave dharsana to him as Sri Ramar. At once Lord Vishnu gave dharsana to him as like as SriRamar and Lakshmi Piratti as Seetha. Here Lord Perumal is also called as "Neel Mughil Vannan". In this temple there is one more sanathy for Thayar, here Goddess is called as Sri Animaamalar Mangai Thayar.

ThiruneerumalaiOn the top of the mountain there is another temple, where Lord Perumal gives tharsana to his devotees in other three Thirukkolam, and Lord Perumal has separate name of each Thirukolam. This is the specialty of this Temple. In this temple there is separate sanathy for Thayar, here Goddess is called as Sri Aranga Nayaki Thayar.

Sri Sandha Narasimhar - This is Sitting posture of Perumal. Irundha Thirukkolam
Sri Thiruvikraman - This is standing posture of Perumal called as Nadantha Thirukkolam
Sri Ranganathar - is the Lying posture of Lord Perumal called as Kidantha Thirukkolam with Goddess Sri Renga Nayagi.

Other deities in Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple are Sri Ramar Deity, Sri Ulagalantha Perumal Deity, Alwars deities and Sri Andal Deity.

Sri Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple, Tiruvidaventhai, Chennai

Nithya Kalayan Perumal templeSri Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple is located near Mahabalipuram and 40 kms from Chennai. As per legend, once there as a rishi named Kuni lived along with his follower in the bank of river Saraswathi, this place is called as Sambu Island. A small girl who helped them; once she planned to do penance to get salvation(Mukthi). At the time, when she was in penance, Naradhar came in front of her and said, "Only the married women's penance is acceptable as per Devas". So go and get marry anyone and continue your tapas. So that woman went to the rishi's hut and asked to marry her anyone in that hut. Kalava Muni, is one of the person there willing to marry her and they both got married and gave birth of 360 female babies. Once the babies got maturity, Kalava muni worried about her life. He came to Tiruvidaventhai and worship Lord Vishnu in the form of Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal. and prayed him.

One day Lord Perumal came in front of him and he said he will marry her 360 daughters daily. Perumal married everyday one girl of his 360 daughters, so her Lord Perumal called as Nithya Kalayana Perumal. Nithyam means Daily and Kalayanam means Marriage. So this stalam is called as "Nithiya Kalyanapuri". Name of the first daughter of kalava muni is Komalavalli so Goddess called as Komalavalli thayar has separate sanathi in this Temple. Lord Perumal in this temple has Varaha face. Varaham means pig.

Other deities in this temple are Sri Andal deity, Sri Aranganathan deity, Sri Aranganayaki deity, Alwars deities. Mangalasasanam to this temple has 13 Paasurams which is written by Thirumangai Alwar.

Sri parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane, Chennai

Sri Parthasarathy Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, 9th incarnation of Lord Perumal, her Lord Krishna is called as Sri Venkata Krishnan. This is temple is located in Triplicane, Chennai. This temple is 8th century temple, here Lord Krishna gave darsana to devotees in the form of Parthasarathy, who is 'charioteer of Arjuna' during Mahabarath war. In Tamil Sarathy means "Charioteer". As per Legend, once there was a King named Sumathi who is a devotee of Lord Perumal. He wants to worship Lord Krishna, so he prayed Lord Perumal to give darsana in the form of Lord Krishna, since he is very deep lover of Lord, he gave darsana to his devotee as "Parthasarathy", so here Lord Krishna he has conch (Sangu) in his hand. Mangalasasanam to this temple has 12 Paasurams in which 10 Paasurams are written by Thirumangai Alwar, one paasuram is written by Pei Alwar and remaining one is written by Thirumazhisai Alwar. Here lord Vishnu was installed by Vyasar.

Sri Parthasarathy temple has specialty, that this temple is also known as "Brindaranyasthalam" because The great seven Munis (Saptha Rishis) performed penance in this place. Moolavar of this temple is Sri Venkata Krishnan along with Rukmani Piratiyar. Goddess of this temple is Vedavalli thayar. Other deities and shrines in this temple are Sri Ramar deity, Sri Andal Deity, Sri Varadharajan Deity, Alwar Deity and Aranga Nathan Deity.

Sri Sthala Sayana Perumal Temple, Thiru Kadalmalai, Chennai

Sastala PerumalSri Sthsla sayana Perumal Temple is located in Mahabalipuram, 40 kms from Chennai. Sayanam means Sleeping, here Lord Perumal is in kidantha Thirukkolam Lying posture. Here Lord Vishnu is called as Stalasayana Perumal and Goddess Nilamangai Taayaar. As per legend there was a saint named Pundareeka, devotee of Lord Vishnu; wished to worship Lord Vishnu. While worshipping, an old man came and asked for food. So he went to get food for that old man, when he returned back, he was so surprised because Lord Vishnu in Anantha Sayana Posture with the lotus flowers. At once he realized that, Lord Vishnu has gave darshana to him as old man. Mangalasasanam to this temple has 27 Paasurams in which 26 Paasurams are written by Thirumangai Alwar, one paasuram is written by Botham Alwar .

Sri Yoga Narasimha swamy Temple, Thirukadigai

Yoga NarasimharSri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple is located in Thirukadigai, this place is near by Arakonam 25 kms from here. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and here he is in the form of Narasimhar to kill asura named Hiranyan. As per legend, Saptha rishis did penance to get darshna of Lord Vishnu, at once in a fraction of seconds he gave darshana to them. In tamil Kadigai means fraction of seconds. Lord Vishnu gave darshana with in kadigai, since this place got the name as Thirukadigai. There is another legend for this temple, Once there was a king named Indirathuyman in North Madurai. He killed a asura who disturbed rishis and people very much. He prayed Lord Vishnu to save his people, at once Lord Vishnu send Yoga Anjaneyar to help them. There is a small mountain, where Anjaneya is sitting posture with Vajrayudham given by indiran, Sangu and Chakram. This is only place where Lord Anjaneya is in the form of Lord Vishnu. In this temple Lord Vishnu is called as Yoga Narasimhar and Goddess is called as Amirtha Valli Thayar has separate sanathi.

Mangalasasanam to this temple has 4 Paasurams in which 3 paasurams are written by Thirumangai Alwar and 1 paasuram is written by Pei Alwar. The specialty of this temple is God Lord Vishnu and Anjaneyar are in Santha Nilais or meditation Position (Yoga Stage). There are separate sannidis for Lord Varadharaja Perumal, Alwars and Andal.

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