32 Forms of Lord Ganapathi - Details and Temples related to 32 Form of Lord Ganapathi in India

This Article will give 32 Forms of Lord Ganapathi. Lord Ganapathi is first God as per Hindy Mythology. Do you know about Lord Ganapathis Forms? Get to know 32 Forms of Lord Ganapathi, Go through this article.

32 Forms of Lord Ganapathi

As per Hinduism Legens Lord Ganapathi is the first God. All Hindus will starts their work after praying Lord Ganapathi. Even in all their occasions, inivitations, records they put "Om" which represents Lord Ganapathi. Hindus starts their all accounts by putting in their records, which represents Ganapathi.

Bala Ganapati - Save from sin

Bala Ganapathi is like a child, Bala means Child. Devotees who prayed him will release from the sin. Bala Ganapathi with elephant faced and has four hands holding Mango, Jackfruit, Banana and Sugarcane in his four hands. Balaganapathi idol always installed in the color Red. Like Pancha bootha Vishnu, Ganapathi also in five elements form. Bala Ganapathi represents Earth.
Bala Ganapathy Temple in Chennai is located at Nandanam. This temple is located in Turn Bull's Road, Nandanam. The main deity of this temple is Bala Vinayagar, other deities are Muruga, Navagrahas, Siva, Vishnu.
Ganapathi in Sri Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram is another place where bala ganapthi idol is installed.

Taruna Ganapati - gives Youth and health

taruna ganapathiTaruna Ganapathi is youthful Ganapathi. Devotees who prayed him will get beautiful young look. Taruna Ganapthi is in red color like noon-day sun. He has eight hands holding broken elephant's tusk , sugarcane, Appam, Pasam, Angusam, wood-apple (Vilam Pazham), rose-apple (Navar Pazham) and branch of paddy in his hands.Taruna Ganapathi represents Air
Sri Mahakaleshwara Temple in Ujjain, where Ganapathi is in the form of Taruna Ganapathi.

Bhakti Ganapati - Gives dedication to god

Bhaktha GanapathiBhaktha Ganapathi is responsible for devotion. Devotees who prayed him will get concentration and mind power to pray god and he gives good strength during fasting. Baktha Ganapathi has four hands holding coconut, Mango, Banana and sweet made by Jaggery in his hands. Bakatha Ganapathi is being shown in White color. Baktha Ganapathi represts water
Theertha Pureeswarar (Arathurai Nathar) Temple Tirunelvayil Arathurai is located 10 kms from pennadam is the temple were we can see Bakthi Ganapathi.

Veera Ganapati – Give confidence and courage

Veera GanapathiVeera Ganapathi is responsible for confidence and power. Devotess who prayed him will get self confidence and bravery. Veera Ganapthi has 16 hands holding goblin, spear, bow, arrow, chakra (discus), sword, shield, large hammer, gada(mace), goad, axe,serpent and some other weapons in his hands. Veera Ganapathi represents Fire
Sir Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, where we can see Veera Ganapathi idol.

Shaki Ganapati - Gives Power

Sakthi GanapathiShakthi Ganapathi is responsible for health of human. Devotee will get good health and power by praying Shakthi Ganapathi. Shakthi Ganapathi has four hands holding Pasam, Angusam and garland in his hands. He has holding Shakthi in a female form in his left arm. She gives power to all. Shakthi Ganapathi is being the color of Redish brown (Sun set sky color). Shakthi Ganapathi represents Space
Tiruparankundram Murugan Temple, Madurai in Tamil Nadu, where we can see Shakthi Ganapthi idol.

Dwija Ganapati – Reduce Debt problem

Dwijiva GanapathiDwija Ganapathi has two head and four hands holding books, garland, Thandam (staff) and kamandalam in his hands. Dwijia Ganapthi is in Pure white color like moon. Devotees of Dwija Ganapthi will get release from Debt problem.
Shri Ballaleshwar Temple , Pali , where we can see Ganapthi in the form of Dwija Ganapathi.

Siddhi Ganapati – Give power to achievement

Siddhi_GanapatiSiddi Ganapathi is responsible for achievement. Devotees who prayed him will get power to achievement. Siddi Means Intelligence , Siddi Ganapthi gives intelligence to every one of his devotees. He has four hands holding Mango, Pasam, Angusam and bunch of flowers in his hand.
Shree Siddhi Vinayaka Temple in Mumbai is dedicated temple for Siddi Ganapathi.

Uchhishta Ganapati – Gives predominance

Ucchista GanapathiUchhista Ganapathi is responsible for superiority. Devotees of Uchhista Ganapthi will get predominance. Uchhista Ganapthi has six hands holding Lotus, Pomegranate, stem of paddy, Veena, Prayer beads (Ruthraksha Malai) and Shakthi (Female Power) in his hands. He is blue in color. He gives Promotions in work, superiority in life and make the devotees of him as ascenders.
Rockfort Ucchi Pillayar Temple, Thrichy in Tamil Nadu is the only temple dedicated to Uchhista Ganapthi.

Vighna Raja Ganapati – guardian of Agriculture

Vighna Raja Ganapthi is guardian of Agriculture. Devotees who prayed him will get good returns in Agriculture and business. Vighna Raja Ganapathi has eight hands holding Shanku, Chakra, Pasam, Angusam, Arm, elephant's tusk , axe, Arrow. He is golden colored.
Thirukurungudi Temple in Tirunelveli , where we can see Vighna Raja Ganapathi.

Kshipra Ganapati – Gives good Education

Kshipra Ganapthi gives good education and knowledge. Students who needs good marks, should pray him. Kshipra Ganapthi is very simple. Devotees no need to submit Prasad and all, He gives knowledge to his devotees. Kshipra Ganapathi has Four hands holding Gems, Elephant's Tusk, Pasam, Angusam. He is very handsome and he is red in color. Kshipra Ganapathi holding Ratna Kumba in his noose.
Pillayarpatti Karpaga Vinayagar Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganapthi, where Lord Ganapathi is in Kshipra Ganapathi form. This temple is located near Pudukottai and Karaikudi.

Heramba Ganapati – Gives sports knowledge

heramba_ganapatiHeramba Ganapathi is one of 32 forms of Lord Ganapathi. There is believe that devotes of Heramba Ganapathi will get good health and strong knowledge in sports and they will get strength to play well. Heramba Ganapathi is sitting on lion and he has Five faces. Four faces facing four directions and fifth face on top. Heramba Ganapathi has 10 hands holding Tusk, Garland, Axe, Hammer, Sweet, Mango, Pasam, Angusam. Other two hands of Ganapathi is in Abhaya (Protect) and Varada (Giving) postures.
Heramba Ganapathi is available at Kasi Temple.

Lakshmi Ganapati – Gives wealth

Lakshmi Ganapathi Lakshmi means wealth. By the name itself we can know Lakshmi Ganapathi will give good wealth and popularity to his devotees. Lakshmi Ganapathi always be with Goddess Siddi , she is responsible for achievements, and Buddi, she is responsible for Wisdom. Lakshmi Ganapathi has six hands holding Stem of Kalpaviksha tree, Tusk, sward and Pomegranate. He always provides good wealth so his one hand in the Varada (Giving) Posture and another hand he is holding Kamandalam.
Lakshmi Ganapathi gives tharisana to his devotees at Arulmigu Dandayudhapani Swami Temple in Palani

Maha Ganapati – gives success in business

Maha-Ganapathi In Tamil Maha means Big, Maha Ganapathi is very big in size, and he has very strong body. Maha ganathi holds Shakthi (Female power) in his left thigh and has ten hands holding Lotus, Pomegranate, Sugarcane, Chakra, Stem of paddy, Elephant's tusk, Lilly, Mace, pot of gems and Sangu.
Krishna Temple in Dwarka, where we can see Maha Ganapathi.

Vijaya Ganapati - The giver of success

vijayaganapatiVijaya Ganapathi is also called as Bhuvanesha Ganapathi. He gives success in every aspect of his devotees. Vinayagar killed Asura named Gajamugasuran by his Tusk, so he changed his form in to mouse, Ganapathi sat on the mouse and destroyed him. Ganapathi accepted him as his vehicle. Vijaya Ganapathi has four hands holding sugarcane, Mango and Tusk. One more hand of Vijayaganapathi is in Varada Posture.
Ashtavinayak Temples in Pune is dedicated to Lord Ganapathi, where we can see Vijaya Ganapathi.

Nritya Ganapati – Music and Sastra

Nirutha ganapathyNritya Ganapathi is in standing posture, like dancing posture. He stands in one leg. Nritya Ganapathi will give good knowledge of Music and Veda sastras to his devotees. One who wants to learn Music, before starting their course, go and visit Nritya Ganapathi will get good voice. Nritya Ganapathi has four hands holding Appam, Axe, Tusk and Pasam.
Nritya ganapathi give pleasant tharsana to his devotees at Arulmigu Magudeshwarar Temple, Kodumudi

Urdhva Ganapati – Giver of happiness

Urdhva GanaptiUrdhva Ganapathi sitting with Goddess, holding shakthi in his left thigh. He gives happiness to his devotees. Devotees who has problems in his family, office or any other problems can pray Urdhva Ganapathi, will reduce all of his problems and give happiness. Urdhva Ganapathi is in Golden color with six hands holding Lilly flower, lotus, sugarcane, arrow, tusk and sprig of paddy.
Urdhva Ganapathi gives happiness to his devotees from Shri Mahalingeshwara Temple Madurai

Ekaakshara Ganapati

Ekshra GanapathiEkaakshara Ganapathi is Red in colour and he is always dressed up by Red color material. There is a moon in his head. He has four hands holding Pomegranate, Tusk and goad. One of his hand in Varada (giving) posture. Ekaakshara Ganapathi sitting in Padmasana Position. He has third eye in his head. Padmasana Posture is for Meditation.

Vara Ganapati – Gives Boons

In Tamil Varam means Boons. Vara Ganapathi gives unlimited boons to his devotees. He saves his devotees from bad elements. Vara Ganapathi has third eye in his head.
He watches his devotees with this third eye. He hold shakthi in this left lap. And he has four hands holding Flag, Moon, and sharp goad in this hands. There is a moon in his head. Vara Ganapathi looks like Lord Shiva in look.
Shri Renuka Yellamma Devi Temple Belgaum where we can visit Vara Ganapathi. Devotees should visit Nanganallur Anjaneya Temple after visiting this Vara Ganapathi temple.

Tryakshara Ganapati – Lord of three Letters (AUM)

Tri means Three. Akshara means letters. Three Letter A-U.M . Tryakshara Ganapathi is also called as The lord of Three Letters. He has four hands holding Mango, Tuskm Goad and Sweet in his hands. Tryakshara Ganapathi has very big ears, this ears will decorated by big ear rings. This is the specialty of this Ganapathi.
Tryakshara Ganapathi idol is available at Tirumakudalu Narasipura Temple at Karnataka

Kshipra-Prasada Ganapati – Gives rewards

Kshipra Prasada GanapatiKshipra Prasada Ganapathi is lovely form of Lord Ganapathi, who is not making his devotees to wait for long time. He gives boons and rewards very fast. He is very simple sitting in Grass throne. He saves his devotees from sins and troubles very quick. Devotees who are in trouble and who needs quick releaf from diseases, sin etc, can visit Kshipra Prasada Ganapathi. He has six hands holding Pomegranate, tusk, stem of Kalpavriksha Tree, Goad, lotus and mango.
Pillayarpatti Karpaga Vinayagar Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganapathi, where Lord Ganapathi is in the form of Kshipra Prasada Ganapathi.

Haridra Ganapati

Haridra GanapathiHaridra Ganapathi has four hands holding elephants tus, goad, Modak sweet and noose in this hand. He is dressed up always with yellow colored materials.

Ekadanta Ganapati

Ekadanta Ganapathi, A means one Thantham means Tusk, So Ekadanta Ganapathi has only one Tusk. He has four hands holding Broken tusk of him, Axe, Rosary beads, Laddu (sweet) in his four hands. Ekadanta Ganapathi is always dressed up with blue colored dress.

Shrishti Ganapati – Gives happy

Srishti GanapatiShrishti Ganapathi is responsible for creation. Shrishti means "Creation". Devotees of shrishti Ganapathi will get happy life and loveable child. Shrishti ganapthi has four hands holding Elephants Tusk, Mango Pasam and Angusam in his hands. Ganapthi is sitting on Rat this give great view to us.
Arulmigu Swaminatha Swami Temple , Swamimalai. , where we can see shrishti Ganapathi idol.

Uddanda Ganapati – Enforcer of Law

uddanda ganapatiUddanda Ganapathi is responsible for dharma and law. Uddanda Ganapthi will punish people doing illegal things. He has 10 hands holding Shakthi (Female Power), Pot of gems, lotus, lilly flower, Mace, sugarcane, stem of paddy, Elephat tusk, Garland and Pomegranate.
Guruvayoor Temple, Kerala, where we can see Uddanda Ganapathi idol.

Runamochana Ganapati –Gives freedom from sins

Rinamochana GanapatiMocham means Siddi or release from sin. Runamochana Ganapathi saves his devotees from their sin. He loves red colored dresses and he has four hands holds Goad, noose, Apple and Tusk in his hands.
Runamochana Ganapathi gives Mocham to his devotees from Kapileswar Temple, Tirupati.

Dhundhi Ganapati - Saves Poor People

Dhundi GanapathiDhundhi Ganapathi has four hands holding pot of Gems, Axe, Tusk and Prayer Beads in his hands. Dhundhi Ganapthi gives foods and good health to his devotees. Devotees who don't have food and basic need, will get all basic need when they prayed Dhundhi Ganapathi.
Sri Chottanikara Bhagavathy Amman Temple, where we can see Dhundhi Ganapathi.

Dwimukha Ganapati - two faced Ganapathi

Dwi means Two, Dwimukha Ganapathi has two faces, facing two directions. He has four hands holding Tusk, Goad, Pot of Gems and Pasam. He is in sitting posture. He protects his devotees from demons. He is very handsome and wears Red colored dresses with Red stoned Crown.

Trimukha Ganapati – three Faced Ganapathi

Tri means Three, Trimukha Ganapathi has three Faces. Trimukha Ganapathi is in red colored image with three faces facing three direction and six arm holding Flower, Prayer beads, rosary and sharp goad. Trikmukha Ganapathi shows his one hand in Abhaya (Protect) posture and another hand in Varada (Giving) posture.
Lord Jagannath Temple,Puri, is the place where we can see Trimukha Ganapathi.

Simha Ganapati – gives power

Sinha GanapatiSimam means Lion, Simha Ganapathi is sitting on Lion, he gives power and confidence to his devotees. Simha ganapathi has eight hands holding Veena, sword, Jewel pot, lotus, Sprig of wish- fulfill tree, gems, flowers. Another hand of Simha Ganapathi holds lions face. Simha Ganapathi will save his devotees from enemies and he will give power to his devotees to fight with bad things.

Yoga Ganapati - The great yogi

Yoga Ganapati, In tamil Yogi means "Sage" or saint. Yoga Ganapathi is in Yogi Posture,His leg tied up with a rope. There is another meaning of Yogam is "Luck". Yoga ganapathi gives luck to his devotees. He has four hands holding Prayer beads, Sugar cane, yoga staff. Yoga Ganapathi always dressed up with blue colored materials.
Nandanar Temple Thirupungur, where we can see Yoga Ganapathi.

Durga Ganapati - The rescuer

Durga Ganapathi is a rescuer from sins and sorrow. Devotees of Durga Ganapathi will get release from sin. He has Eight hands holding Prayer beads, arrow, bow, flag, apple, tusk, goad and karpaga koodi. Durga Ganapathi always dressed up with red colored materials.
Lord Ganapathy is in Durga Ganapathi form in Shri Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur, Maharasthra

Sankatashara Ganapati - reduce sorrow

Sankatashara Ganapathi is remover of sorrow. In tham Sankatam means "Trobles or sorrow" Hara means "Remove" , so Sankatahara Ganapathi means Remover of trobles. He is sitting on the red lotus holding Shakthi in his lap. He has four hands holding Sweet Payasam, Pasam and Angusam. One more hand of Sankatahara Ganapathi is in varada posture. Sankatahara Sathuri is a fasting day dedicated to Sankatahara Ganapathi.
Devotees who want to reduce their trouble can visit Arulmigu Naganathaswamy Temple , Thirunageswaram, where Lord Ganapathi is in Sankatahara Ganapathi form.


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