JAN LOKPAL BILL- A sure trap for the Scamming Ministers

This article gives you the brief details about the need for JAN LOKPAL BILL, Scams in India from the past and the things to do to support the initiator of this issue Mr.Hazare. You can also get the estimated amount that was scammed in every corruption that shook the total economy of every Indian people. Definitely by reading this you will get a clear idea about JAN LOKPAL BILL.

Need for drafting JAN LOKPAL BILL

Corruption is a thing which was not arised at present.It is a traditional thing which is spreading in this world especially in the present years more.These scams have made a very great impact in INDIA. According to a fact the total amount scammed since 1992 is worth more than about Rs 1,00,00,000 crores. The amount scammed by these corruptions have made a high difference between the rich and poor people.This made rich people more richer while poor to the poorest.

Mostly the scams are from the Government sector officials and mostly ministers were involved in this great issue and this makes the Lokpal Bill to be drafted as soon as possible which can make even the Prime Minister under this act if they commit anything like this.

Important scams in India

Harshad Mehta securities scam around about Rs 5,000 Crores.

Sugar import scam around about Rs 650 Crores.

1. Preferential allotment scam around about Rs 5,000 Crores.
2. Yugoslav Dinar scam around about Rs 400 Crores.
3. Meghalaya Forest scam around about Rs 300 Crores.

1. Fertiliser import scam around about Rs 1,300 Crores.
2. Urea scam around about Rs 133 Crores.
3. Bihar fodder scam around about Rs 950 Crores.

1. Sukh Ram telecom scam around about Rs 1,500 Crores.
2. SNC Lavalin power project scam around about Rs 374 Crores.
3. Bihar land scandal around about Rs 400 Crores.
4. C.R. Bhansali stock scam around about Rs 1,200 Crores.

Teak plantation swindle around about Rs 8,000 Crores.

1. UTI scam around about Rs 4,800 Crores.
2. Dinesh Dalmia stock scam around about Rs 595 Crores.
3. Ketan Parekh securities scam around about Rs 1,250 Crores.

Sanjay Agarwal Home Trade scam around about Rs 600 Crores.

Telgi stamp paper scam around about Rs 172 Crores.

1. IPO-Demat scam around about Rs 146 Crores.
2. Bihar flood relief scam around about Rs 17 Crores.
3. Scorpene submarine scam around about Rs 18,978 Crores.

1. Punjab's City Centre project scam around about Rs 1,500 Crores.
2. Taj Corridor scam around about Rs 175 Crores.

1. Pune billionaire Hassan Ali Khan tax issue around about Rs 50,000 Crores.
2. The Satyam scam around about Rs 10,000 Crores.
3. Army ration pilferage scam around about Rs 5,000 Crores.
4. State Bank of Saurashtra scam around about Rs 95 Crores.

1. The Jharkhand medical equipment scam around about Rs 130 Crores.
2. Rice export scam around about Rs 2,500 Crores.
3. Orissa mine scam around about Rs 7,000 Crores.
4. Madhu Koda mining scam around about Rs 4,000 Crores.

2010[This is known to be year of scams in INDIA]
1. Commonwealth Games
Suresh Kalmadi made a scam of worth around Rs.8000 Crores in Common Wealth Games.

2. 2G scam
This scam made the mother India realise about the scams in India on the tender for 2G spectrum involving Rasa,former telecommunications minister and the scammed amount is worth around Rs.1.76 lakh Crores.

3. Adarsh Scam
This is the most shaming scam done by Ashok Chawan on the plots which were to be distributed for the martyrs family in the Kargil war was distributed among his family relations.

Corruptions like this will continue until a strict act arises to control all these type of occurrences. Surely the Lokpal Bill will have a sure-shot effect on this.

Initiator of JAN LOKPAL BILL

A Gandhian follower and our honorable 'grandpa' Anna Hazare now crossing his 72 years is the initiator and an insistor for the drafting of Lokpal Bill.Since independence in INDIA there has been no act to punish the minister involving in scam and so Mr.Hazare thought of compelling the Government to draft this BILL.

He made a fast unto death event in the month of April 2011 and this made the youngsters to know about this and act further and it also raised many activists.
Now Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is doing the thing for making Government to take steps for bringing the Black Money from The Swiss Bank to India.But as a additional fact he too is suspected to have a questionable money of around Rs.1000 Crores.

Surely the Drafting of the bill is going to result in making a Corruption and scam free INDIA.

How to support JAN LOKPAl BILL for FREE

There are many ways to support this issue but the cheapest and absolutely free method is discussed below:

This makes your voice to rise against corruption. You can register your votes by giving Lokpal Bill missed call number to 02261550789 because Government needs the support of about 25 lakhs people to issue the Draft.This is a free service initiated by Mr.Anna Hazare. And this call will be ended by the team on first ring itself followed by the acknowledgement message for your valuable support.

I hope you will surely vote and make a corruption Free environment to the forthcoming youngsters.
Jai Ho!

You can share your opinion about Lokpal Bill here

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