Profile of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister before Independence 1947

This article will provide complete list of Chief Minister before Independence India. This article will provide complete details of our Chiefministers like, early life, personal details, political career and educational back ground etc. Get to know about Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers, go through this article.

Tamil Nadu is one the 28 states in India with the Capital of Chennai. Before the independence from 1807 to 1947 Tamil Nadu was under European Rule. and Chennai was called as Madras State. Initially in 1950 Tamil Nadu is known as Madras State Till 1968. In 1956 under State Reorganisation Act, Kerala and Andhar were separated and In 1968 August Madras State was renamed as Tamil Nadu. Here is the list of Chief Minsters who served as Cheift Minister of Madras Presidency- Tamil Nadu.

A. Subbarayalu Reddiar

Agaram Subbarayalu Reddiar was born on October 15,1855 in a Telugu redid Family at South Arcot District, which was in Madras Presidency. He served as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency from 17 December 1920 to 11 July 1921. He finished his schooling and graduation at Chennai, he did his graduation in Presidency College, Chennai. He was a Law Student; he did law in the United Kingdom. In 1972, Subbarayalu Reddiar started his career as a President of Cuddalore Taluk Board. He started his political career in Indian National Congress and in 1916 he left from this party and joined in Justice Party. In November 1920, first General election was held, and Agram Subbarayalu Reddiar was elected as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency. Subarayalu won that election by getting 63 seats out of 98 in Assembly seats. He resigned his position due to his health condition on July 11, 1921. Subbarayalu Reddiar died in November 1921.

Raja of Panagal

Raja of PangalRaja of Panagal was served as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency from 11 July 1921 to 11 September 1923 and 19 November 1923 to 3 December 1926. Ramarayaningar was also known as Raja of Panagal – Zamidar of Kalahasti was born on 9 July 1866 in Kalahasti. By birth he belonged to Velma community. He did his schooling in Triplicane High School in 1886, and he finished graduation of Sanskrit in Presidency College in 1893. Later, he did B.L and M.A (Philosophy and Dravidian Languages) in 1899. Ramarayaningar started his career as a lecturer in Presidency College in the year 1919. From 1625 to 1928 Ramarayanigar was a President of Justice Party , who was one of the founder-members of the Justice Party.
17 December 1920 to 11 July 1921 – Minister of Local Self Government in Justice Party
11 July 1921 to 03 December 1926 - Chief Minister of Madras Presidency
He severed as a president of Justice Party until his death on December 16, 1928.

P. Subbarayan

P. SubarayanP. Subbarayan was served as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency from 4 December 1926 to 27 October 1930.
Paramasiva Subbarayan was born on September 11, 1889 at Kumaramangalam, Salem district , Tamil Nadu. Subbarayan had finished his education at Presidency College, Madras and University of London . His son is P.P Kumaramangalam, served as Chief of Army staff and Politician. Paramasiva Subbarayan 1922 – Elected as Member of Legislative Concil of Madras
1926 to 1930 – Chief Minister of Madras Presidency
1933 – Minister of Law and Education (Indian National Congress)
1959 – 1962 -Ambassador to Indonesia and Union Minister of Transport and Communications.
1962 – Governor of Maharashtra
Subbarayan was served as Governor of Maharashtra until his death on October 6, 1962.

B. Munuswamy Naidu

Munuswami NaiduB. Munuswamy Naidu was served as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency from 27 October 1930 to 4 November 1932.Bollini Munuswamy Naidu was born in 1885 in Velamjeri in Chittoor district. He did his education at Madras Christian College. He started his political career in 1928, as a President of Justice Party, appointed by Raja of Panagal. In 1930 Election, Munuswamy Naidu won with majority and elected as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency.
1928 -1932 – President of Justice Party
1930 -1932 Chief Minister of Madras Presidency
In 1932, Munuswamy Naidu resigned from the party due to bad situation of the Party. And he died in 1932, Today's K.K Nagar Chennai has been named as Munuswamy Salai to memory of Munuswamy Naidu.

Ramakrishna Ranga Rao

Ramakrishna Ranga Rao Ramakrishna Ranga Rao was born in 1901.He was served as the Chief Minister of Madras Presidency from November 1932 – April 1936 and August 1936 to April 1937. Ramakrishna Ranga Rao was belongs to a royal Bobbili Zamindari family. He entered in to Political career at his 25 years, as a Assembly Member of Imperial Legislative Assembly of India in 1925. In 1930 , he was nominated to attend Round Table Conference held in London in 1930
1925 – 1927 – Member of Imperial Legislative Assembly7 of India
1930 – Member of Legislative Assembly of Madras Presidency
In 1932, when Munuswamy Naidu's ministers resigned from cabinet, he was in the situation to step down from Chief Minister Position, ultimately Ramakrishna Ranga Rao taken over the position, he was in Justice Party. C.N. Annaduraiwas his personal secretary, later he served as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1957 to 1969. In 1937, election Justice Party lost and Ramakrishna Ranga Rao resigned his position. From 1946 to 1951 Ramakrishna Ranga rao was served as Member of Constituent Assembly of India, which formed to write Indian Constituency. From 1967 -1972 he served as Andra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Member and he was not able to stand in 1972 re- election due to his ill health, and in March 1978, Ramakrishna Ranga Rao died at his 77 years.

Kurma Venkata Reddy Naidu

Kurma Venkata Reddy NaiduKurma Venkata Reddy Naidu was an lawyer politician who served as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency from April 1937 – July 1937, even he served very short period, he played vital role in Politics. Kurma Vekata Reddy Naidu was born in 1875. He studied at Government Art college, Rajamundry, Madras Cristian College and University of Madras. He started his career as a Physics Professor in Government Arts college, Rajamundry. In 1919, joined in Justice Party and In 1923, he served as Development Minister. In 1929-32 Reddy Naidu was India's agent to the South Africa and he also served as Governor of Madras from June 1936 to Oct 1936. In 1937, Kurma Venkata Reddy was elected as Chief Minister and he served till July 1937. He also worked as Vice Chancellor of Annamalai University in 1940 until his dealth in 1942.

Tanguturi Prakasam

Tanguturi Prakasam Tanguturi Prakasam was a Freedom Fighter and Indian Politician who served as the Chief Minister of Madras Presidency from April 1946 to March 1947. He is also known as Andhra Kesari, Kesari means Lion- Lion of Andhra. Tanguturi was born in 23 August 1872 in a small village of Andhra Pradesh. From childhood itself he wants to become a lawyer but when he was 11 years, his father died, Tanguturi Prakasam was brought up by his School Teacher, Hanumantha Rao Naidu. Prakasam became a Secondary grade Teacher, and in 1904 he was elected as Municipal Chairman of Rajahmundry, during that period he used to go Madras court, again there was a wish in his heart to become lawyer so he decide to go England to procure illegal Studies and he joined in India society, worked for election. Tanguturi impressed by Bipin Chandra Pal's speech and he started attending sessions of Indian National Congress. He was working as editor in Swarajya, a leading magazine published in English, Tamil and Telugu. In 1921, he was elected as General Secretary of Indian congress Party.

Tanguturi Prakasam was a freedom fighter, who ran a NATIONAL SCHOOL at Khadi.
In 1922 he organized a demonstration for Non – cooperation Movementwhich was lead by Gandiji. In 1928, when Simon Commision(a group of seven british members came to study Indian constituency) Tanguturi Prakasam boycott the simon Commission with a slogan of "Simon go back". Due to this action, prakasam arrested by the police but he never feared about that and he asked police to shoot him, after this incident Tanguturi was called as Andhra Kesari. He also arrested for three months for participating in the Quit India Movement, civil disobedience movement lead by Gandiji in 1942. He was released in 1945, and the following year 1946 he got elected as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency. In 1953, when Andhra was created; he was the First chief Minister of Andhra. In 1957 May 20th Prakasam died due to sunstroke.

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