Brief history and details about Tamilnadu Ministers 2011 in ADMK government in TN assembly 2011

This article gives a brief description about the 33 ministers who had taken oath as ministers of Tamilnadu in 2011 under the ADMK government. You can find the details about their qualification, their current post held, where they come from and many more interesting details. Read the resource below for more details.

Brief details about 33 Tamilnadu Cabinet Ministers 2011 in Jayalalitha government

AIADMK chief Jayalalitha was sworn in today as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu 2011 for the third time. Along with her 33 ministers were sworn in by the Governor in the Centenary Hall of the University of Madras. Out of the 33 ministers 24 of them were new faces in the ADMK government. This shows that the list was made by Jayalalitha himself without any outside intervention. Below you can have a brief look of each of the 33 ministers who were sworn in as ministers in Jayalalitha's government 2011.

O. Pannerselvam - Finance Minsiter

paneerPannerselvam was elected form the Bodinayakanur constituency. He is 60 years old and has B.A as his Educational qualification. He was first elected in 2001 from Periyakulam constituency. he was selected as the Revenue Minister in 2001 AIADMK list of ministers. He was lucky to be selected for the post of Chief Minister when Supreme court disapproved the candidature of Jayalalitha in 2001.

He continued to enjoy the CM post for 6 months till Jayalalitha came back to the post. This time he was awarded the Public works department. He become one of the trusted members of Jayalalitha and this can be gauged from the fact that he is the next person to take oath after Jayalalitha. He was awarded the finance minister berth in 2011.

K.A.Sengottaiyan - Agriculture minister

sengottaiyanSengottaiyan is also one of the trusted member of Jayalalitha. He is said to be the mastermind in taking important decisions in ADMK government. He is the major factor for the ADMK's dominance in Erode and Kongu belt in this assembly elections 2011. a farmer by profession he still continues he same after become a political member and a cabinet minister. He is taking the oath for the
second time as a minister of Tamilnadu.

Sengottaiyan was elected for the 6th time from Gobichettipalayam. In 1991 to 1996 he was the Transport and Forest Minister of Tamilnadu. Now he was given the Agriculture Minister position in the 2011 government.

Natham R.Viswanathan - Electricity, Prohibition and Excise minister

viswanathanNatham R.Viswanathan was the Transport Minister in 2001ADMK government. He belongs to Natham from Dindigul district. Aged 62 he is also one of the important trusted and a senior member in Jayalalitha's government. His Educational qualification is B.Sc and he is the current District Secretary of Dindigul district. Now in 2011 government he is given the post of Electricity, Prohibition and Excise minister.

K.P.Munisamy - Municipal Administration, Rural Development minister

munusamy59 year old Munisamy hails from Krishnagiri district. This is the first time he has occupied a ministerial birth. Munisamy had studied B.A and represents the Gownder community. He is also one of the important senior minister in the AIADMK government. He has been awarded the minister of Municipal Administration, Rural Development in the 2011 government.

C. Shanmugavelu - Industries minister

shanmugaveluShanmugavelu was elected from the Madathukulam constituency from Tiruppur district. He is also the first time minister in Jayalalitha's government. Hailing from Kongu Vellala Gownder community he as M.A as basic educational qualification. In 2011 government he was bagged the Industries minister post.

R.Vaithilingam - Housing and Urban Development

vaithilingamVaithilingam was elected from the Orathanadu constituency in the Tamilnadu assembly elections 2011. This is the second time he has got the ministerial berth in the ADMK government. In 2001 he was the Labour minister and after a brief period he was transferred to Animal Husbandry post. He had studied B.A ans was a important member in ADMK government. He was now given the post of Housing and Urban Development minister.

S.S.Krishnamoorthy - Food minister

krishnamoorthyKrishnamoorthy is one of the great fan of Jayalalitha. He is a trusted member of the ADMK government. He was elected form the Kalasapakkam constituency in Thiruvannamalai district. This is the first time he was given the minister berth. He is the Food Minister of Tamilnadu in the 2011 ADMK government.

C.Karuppasamy - Animal Husbandary minister

karuppasamyKaruppasamy won from Sankarankoil constituency in the Tamilnadu assembly elections 2011. This is the second time he is assuming the post of minister in the Jayalalitha's government. He was awarded the Animal Husbandary minister post by Jayalalitha considering his performance and loyalty to ADMK government.

P.Palaniappan - Higher Education minister

palaniapanPalaniappan hails from Dharmapuri district. he wan from the Pappireddippatti constituency. He is also the first time minister in Jayalalith's government. He has M.Sc qualification and is a farmer by profession. It is a surprise that he got the important Higher Education minister berth in the 2011 government.

C.Ve.Shanmugam - School Education minister

shanmugamHe is also one of the trusted members of Jayalalitha. He is the strong opposer of PMK and Ramadoss. He is good in maintaining the winning position for ADMK in Villupuram which is the strong hold of Ramadoss. His father was a former MLA in Vandavasi constituency. He was the Education minister in 2001 ADMK government. At present he is given the post of School Education minister 2011.

Sellur K.Raju - Cooperation minister

rajaThis is the first time minister berth for Sellur K.Raju. He won from Madurai west constituency which is the bastion of DMK leader Azagiri. This might be the reason he had got the ministerial berth in the present government. He is from Mukkulathor community and had made it to the post despite difference within the Madurai ADMK party members.

K.T.Pachamal - Forests minister

pachamalPachamal got elected from Kanyakumari district and he hails form Nagercoil. He comes from Nadar community. He is a permanent member of ADMK from 1979 and has been the district secretary of Kanyakumari ADMK party. he was awarded the post of Forests minister in the present ADMK government in 2011.

Edappadi K.Palanisamy - Highways and Minor Ports minister

A civil Engineer by profession he had worked as an Assistatn Engineer in the public works department. Then he left the post and joined the ADMK party. He was also the long serving member of ADMK and trusted member of Jayalalitha. He is the Highways and Minor Ports minister 2011 in the present government.

S.P.Shanmuganathan - HR & CE minister

shanmuganathanShanmuganathan was elected from Vaikundam constituency in Thuthukodi district. He was also elected from the same constituency in 2001. He was the Handlooms and Textiles minister in the 2001 government. Now he was awarded the HR & CE minister post in the 2011 ADMK government.

K.V.Ramalingam - Public Works minister

ramalingamRamalingam hails from Tiruppur district and it is the first time he is getting the minister berth. He won the Tamilnadu assembly elections 2011 form Madathukulam constituency. He has been given the important Public Works minister post in the present government. This shows the ADMK chief faith in the new faces present in the government.

S.P.Velumani - Special Programme Implementation minister

velumaniVelumani won from Thondamuthur constituency in coimbatore district. He had studied M.A, M.BL and was the district secretary of kuniamuthur area. This is the first time he had bagged the minister berth for Special Program Implementation minister. This post was formed newly and it is to be seen how he understands and goes about this position.

T.K.M.Chinnayya - Backward Classes minister

Chinnayya won from Tambaram constituency in Kancheepuram district. 48 year old Chinnaya is a B.A graduate and was born and brought up in Tambaram. He is the district secretary of ADMK in Tambaram. He was also previously elected as the councilor of Chengalpattu district. He has got the post of Backward Classes minister in the present government in 2011.

M.C.Sampath - Rural Industries minister

sampathThis is the second time he is awarded the minister post by Jayalalitha. He won from the cuddalore constituency in the Tamilnadu assembly elections 2011. In 2001 he won from the Nellikuppam constituency and was the minister of Housing and Urban Development. This time he has got Rural Industries minister post in Jayalalitha's government.

P.Thangamani - Revenue minister

thangamaniThangamani was elected from the Kumarapalayam constituency in the current Tamilnadu assembly elections 2011. this is the first time he is entering the Tamilnadu government as a minister. He has got the Revenue minister 2011 post in his first minister berth and hope he does justice to his job entrusted by Jayalalitha.

G.Senthamizhan - Information minister

Senthamizhan won from the Saidapet constituency and entered the Tamilnadu assembly for the second time. He has been given the Information minister portfolio. An advocate by profession he has been active in ADMK right from the days when the ADMK students wing was formed. He is also the party secretary of the Chennai south district in Tamilnadu.

S.Gokula Indira - Commerical Taxes and Registration minister

gokula indhiraHailing from Ramanathapuram Gokula Indira was working as an advocate in sivagangai. She is a good speaker and was an M.P in Rajya sabha. She was an Rajya sabha M.P from 2001 to 2007. She contested from the Anna Nagar constituency in Chennai and for the first time elected as an MLA. She is given the Commerical Taxes and Registration minister department in ADMK government 2011 by Jayalalitha.

Selvi Ramajayam - Social Welfare minister

selviElected from the Bhuwanagiri constituency Selvi Ramajayam was twice the secretary in Parangipettai as an district level post. she is one of the Women candidate who was awarded the minister berth in the ADMK government. she got the post of Social Welfare minister in the current Tamilnadu assembly under the AIADMK government.

B.V.Ramanaa - Handlooms and Textiles minister

Ramanaa was elected from Thiruvallur constituency in the Tamilnadu assembly elections 2011. He is a Pharmacy graduate and represents the Kammavar community. this is the first time he is elected as a minister in Taminadu government. He is going to hold the post of Handlooms and Textiles minister in the current ADMK government in 2011.

R.B.Udhayakumar - IT minister

udhayakumarUdhayakumar won from Sattur constituency and he is an advocate by profession. Udhayakumar comes from Mukkulathor community and was an advocate in Madurai Law college. He is also the secretary for the ADMK students wing. This is the first time he won as an MLA and has got the important post of IT minister in 2011 government.

N.Subramanian - Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare minister

N.Subramanian won from the Gandharvakottai constituency on the ADMK ticket. He hails form Viralimalai and has worked as an road inspector. This is the first time he has won the MLA seat and immediately got the Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare minister post. He is also one of the new face in ADMK government.

V.Senthil Balaji - Transport minister minister

senthil balajiSenthil Balaji was elected from Karur for the second time. He is the ADMK secretary in Karur district. A BCOm graduate he was the students wing secretary for ADMK in 2000. Now slowly he had moved up the ladder and was selected for the minister berth by winning the confidence of Jayalalitha. He is the current Transport Minister in ADMK government.

N.Mariyam Pichai - Environment minister

mariyamThe main reason for Mariyam Pichai to get a minster berth is that he had defeated K.N. Nehru in Tiruchi west. He is a BA graduate and it is the first time he is elected as an MLA. He is going to look after Environment as an Environment minister in the present government.

K.A.Jayapal - Fisheries minister

jayapalJayapal comes from Nagai district. He was the ADMk treasurer in Nagai district and it is the first time he is given the minister position. He would be the Fisheries minister in 2011 ADMK government.

E.Subaya - Law, Courts and Prisons minister

Subaya was elected from the Ambasamudram constituency in the tamilnadu assembly elections 2011. He defeated Avudaiyappan and won the MLA seat. This prompted Jayalalitha to offer him a minister seat. He was elected as an MLA for the first time. He was given the Law, Courts and Prisons minister post 2011. In addition he is also the ADMK district secretary for Jayalalitha peravai.

Budhichandhiran - Tourism minister

Budhichandhiran was elected from Nilgiri constituency. He comes from Padukar community. He is the first MLA from padukar community to win the Tamilnadu assembly election. the whole padukar community is delighted with this win. He is going to look after Tourism department as a Tourism minister 2011.

S.T.Chellapandian - Labour minister

chellapandianChellapandian won from Thoothukudi constituency. He is a businessman by profession and it is the first time he is becoming a minister in Tamilnadu. He is a MA graduate and hails from the Thoothukudi district. He is offered the Labour minister post by Jayalalitha in the present ADMK government.

Dr.V.S.vijay - Health minister

vijayvijay is working as a doctor in Vellore government hospital and so has been given the Health minister portfolio. He is the chief of the doctors association in vellore and also the ADMK district secretary in vellore. He is also the district secretary in the ADMK's doctors wing. He had defeated Gnanasekaran and was thus given the Health Minister 2011 post.

N.R.Sivapathi - Sports and Youth Welfare minister

sivapathiSivapathi was born in 1963 in Natham district. He is a MA BL graduate an is an active member of ADMK party. In 1991 he contested from the Thottium constituency and won the election comfortably. He is the district secretary for the Jayalalitha peravai and was also the students wing secretary. He has also held the post of MGR mandram district secretary, Tiruchi young woman's and men's wing secretary. He has been actively involved in ADMK party activities and thus was given the Sports and Youth Welfare minister post.

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