How to beat the chennai’s summer seasons heat

Wondering how to get along with summer days; how to keep cool in the coming days with maintaining health. What type of refreshment would serve you better than the bottle drinks. Is these things bothers you, then this source for you. I tried to provide sufficient information to tackle the summer days. Hope it would interest you.

Tips for enjoying this summer

Chennai's main streets and markets are occupied by the water melon, coconut, cucumber vendors, mobile juice stalls and nungu vendors (a palm product). In summer season body gets tired without doing any work. To keep cool ourselves in this summer heat, we often tend to drink cool drinks and eat ice-creams which give psychological pleasure at that moment. Really in the long run they never serve the purpose. A bottle of cool drink or a cup of ice-cream will in no way equate a 50 gm cucumber or glass of amla (gooseberry) juice.

Beat the heat with fruit juices instead of bottle drinks

Eat cucumber, nungu, Tamil tradition fruit for summer, water melon and drink coconut water, and amla (gooseberry) and lime juices. Generally, as do work we lose energy. In summer we lose energy not only doing work and also due to heat. Eventually we are in position to replenish ourselves twice, which can be done only by natural fruit juices, not by bottle drinks. Pathaneer (a palm drink, we may also call it as a Chennai's special drink) we can find pathaneer stalls in and around Chennai, is an excellent stamina drink and thirst quencher.

Benefits of fruit juices and salads in summer

By consuming cool fruit juice we not only quench our thirst, also recapping our lost energy. Fruit Juices takes less time to digest and to enter blood to provide energy. Cucumber mixed fruit juices should be taken instead of bottle drinks. Cucumber acts as a refrigerator for our body. It can keep us cool for long time. It can be eaten with salt or adding with any fruits in a salad form. It has rich source of energy. Amla juice gives us good stamina. One lemon sized amla fruit equals two green apples in its quality and also cost less than an apple juice. It immediately get rids the tiredness and refreshes us. In Chennai it not difficult to find a mobile juice shops around the city. So replace bottle drinks with fruit juices.

Dos and Don'ts in summer

Wear cotton dress; use prickly heat powder; bath twice, so that we can feel afresh; avoid spicy food which will increase heat and trouble us more. In summer, because of sweating and burning sensation, we may get irrigated for silly things and spoil ours and others mood, so try to have control on your emotions. Try to avoid roaming in time between 11.00am to 400am. Inevitably happen to roam in the day time try to cool yourself with fruit juices instead of bottle drinks.

How to take care of children in summer days

Thanks for the IPL cricket seasons, which compels us especially children to stay inside the house, this reduces to a great extend partent's job of monitoring their children. Don't allow children to watch TV eating ice-creams, chips or drinking cool drinks. Provide them cucumber mixed fruit salad, nungus, and amla juices. Apply prickly heat powders and Dress up them with cotton dress. with cotton cloth. Allow them to play in the shades.
Let's face this summer without getting irritated.

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