Present scenario of rural education in Tamilnadu & How to improve quality of education in Tamilnadu

In this resource I'll explain about the the current education system in Tamilnadu. The educations system in Tamilnadu is bettern when we compared it to Bihar like states. But I feel, we have to improve a lot in terms of infrastructure and teaching. I have given my my ideas to improve the current education system in Tamilnadu and this will also be applicable to all states on India.

Gandhiji said, "Villages are backbone of India". Any country progresses only when overall development occurs in both cities and villages, but still many villages are in darkness. A powerful weapon which can light the villages is "Education ".There is a strong need to improve the literacy rate and the quality of education in the Tamilnadu

Present scenario of rural education in Tamilnadu

    • Many schools have only one teacher, who deals with all the subjects.
    • Not even the basic infrastructural needs are satisfied.
    • Unwillingness of students to attend the school.
    • Even if there are more number of teachers, they are more indulged in money earning issues.
All this result in the negligence of the primary education in rural India.

How to improve quality of education in Tamilnadu

• For the quality education in Tamilnadu (i.e., rather than having a single teacher for all subjects why not have different people to tackle various areas). The main idea here is that there are so many thousands of students pursuing their graduation. If each one of them can take the responsibility and the pain to go to the nearest Govt School and teach those children few necessary things according to their age, this can make a lot of positive change. A better idea can be like this:

Quality education: A college/university can adopt the nearest school in rural area and can provide with quality education (voluntarily by the students and the faculty of that college/university).

Financial support : A rupee saved by a student (college) every day will sum up to thirty rupees in a month. When the saved money is collected and put together by a group of willing students, it will mount to a fairly large sum. A rupee a day is nothing much for a student but this money when brought together can make a difference to at least a single child, who need it the most.

Croud puller : With all these changes the environment of the present rural schools is changed and the learning becomes joyful. More number of children come to school and get educated thus rising the literacy rate of India.

• A extracurricular activity called "work experience "has to be kept in rural school where agriculture, plumbing, carpentry works, computer can be taught. This will encourage illiterate parents to join their kids and also dropout children as employment can be ensured. Children who are dropping out after primary school are not benefited by regular curriculum as they opt out for caste professions like carpentry which does not need any knowledge of science or mathematics. Regular education and professional teaching will keep end to 80% children drop rate at primary level.

Rights and duties of a child should be explained to children as this will create awareness. This will help them in fighting against child employment and child marriages. Every child should know about education right and benefits given to them.

Job opportunities after secondary education like clerical jobs, police and navy should increase and each school have to be notified. Assurance of employment should be created in parents. This will reduce dropout rate after secondary. Even child marriages will reduce as employment opportunities increases.

• Every government school should have information of number of kids in locality and number of school going kids. This information may be gathered by teachers and parents should be educated about "right to education."

• Quality of education should improve rather than programs to drive children to school .This will lay off burden of cooperate school from parents

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Guest Author: Rajkumar Ramanathen27 Oct 2012

most of the rural areas improved education based on competition only. this is good bt they lack their basic fundamental due to memorizing all things. in order to overcome this we would indluge the students in practical without saying that they were doing practicals. because most of the children fear when they are applying practical...

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