Agriculture a backbone of Tamilnadu

In general Agriculture is the backbone for the people of Tamilnadu and it acts as the most important thing in the growth of Tamilnadu. The importance of Agriculture and how Agriculture is treated now in Tamilnadu, these details are discussed in this particular article.

Agriculture a backbone of Tamilnadu

Women Working in Agriculture lands
It is a common and well known fact that Agriculture is the backbone of Tamilnadu. Not only in Tamilnadu, but also in various other parts of India people are very much dependent on the agriculture. We can also see various developments in the agriculture techniques of Tamilnadu people. With the advancement in the technology, people are focusing on the using of various new techniques and new stuffs to get good yield for their crops. Once upon a time there were people in Tamilnadu who were fully dedicated only to the agricultural development only. Even though Agriculture is called as the backbone of Tamilnadu, today's conditions speak that the backbone of Tamilnadu is getting weaker day by day.

When we look on the history of India and also the history of the Tamilnadu, it is quoted that Tamilnadu is the place that looks green on all the sides which was fully covered by agriculture lands and there were no shortage for anything in Tamilnadu and all the things were available on excess in Tamilnadu. With the development in the life of the people all the things have been changed now. People are focusing more on the betterment of their life and individuality and this idea makes them forget about the agriculture.

Agriculture Fields

5 types of lands in Tamilnadu

There are totally 5 types of lands that were famous in Tamilnadu and that was also commonly found in Tamilnadu from the olden days. This wonderful state was also recognized with the help of these beautiful lands only. These lands are as follows.

• Kuriji
• Mullai
• Marudham
• Neidhal
• Paalai

The greatness of these lands was also spoken in depth in the olden scripts also. There were also various poets and writers who have described about these great 5 land types in their poems and literary works.

Importance of water in Agriculture development

Irrigation system in Tamilnadu
When crops are grown in the fields, it is very much necessary that the fields should water properly based on the need. There are also some crops that are present which ultimately needs excess amount of water for the growth and the enrichment. Irrigation is the major factor for the Agriculture in Tamilnadu. Because of the excess availability of the water in Tamilnadu the Agriculture was practically followed for many generations in Tamilnadu. In today's world the water is the most demanding source of energy that is definitely on demand. In Tamilnadu recently there was also a big loss in the Agriculture because of the lack of rain and the water. So water plays a major role in the Agriculture development of Tamilnadu.

In olden days there were lots of rivers that were flowing in the Tamilnadu, but now it is difficult to find out a proper river in Tamilnadu. The lack of water is the main reason why the Agriculture was affected in Tamilnadu. In most cases the agriculture lands were kept without proper irrigation and proper maintenance for many years and this led to a condition in which the land was made unfit for the agriculture. Even though water was one of the reasons for the same, the people were the other main reason for the agriculture to get affected. When the utility increased and the climatic conditions were disturbed, the water that was present was also made not available. This made no source of water for the lands and this is the reason why the irrigation system in Tamilnadu was affected to greater extent.


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