MCA Second year Syllabus of Tamilnadu Open University Operating Systems paper

MCA Operating Systems Syllabus of Tamilnadu Open University, Reference books for MCA Operating Systems paper Tamilnadu Open University is listed in this article. Details Operating Systems syllabus is given in this article.

MCA Second year Syllabus of Tamilnadu Open University Operating Systems paper

TNOU MCA Paper Code : MCA 17
TNOU MCA Paper Title: Operating Systems

Block 1 Syllabus : Fundamentals of Operating System : Introduction: What is an operating system – History of operating systems – Operating system concepts – System calls – Operating system structure-Process Management: Introduction to processes – Inter-process Communication: Race conditions – Critical sections – Mutual exclusion – Semaphores – Event counters – Monitors – Message Passing.

Block 2 Syllabus : Process Management : Introduction - Round robin scheduling – Priority Scheduling – Multiple queues – Shortest job first – Policy driven scheduling – Two level scheduling-Input / Output Management: I/O Devices – Device Controllers – Goals of I/O Software – Interrupt handlers – Device drivers – Device-independent I/O Software – User-space I/O Software – Deadlocks: Resources – Deadlock modeling – Detection and Recovery – Deadlock Prevention – Avoidance.

Block 3 Syllabus : Memory Management: Memory management without swapping or paging: Multiprogramming without swapping or paging – Multiprogramming and Memory usage – Multiprogramming with fixed partitions – Swapping: Multiprogramming with variable partitions – Memory management with Bit-maps, Linked-lists and Buddy System – Analysis of Swapping Systems – Virtual Memory: Paging – Segmentation – Page replacement algorithms.

Block 4 Syllabus : File Management : File basics – Directories – Disk space management – File storage – Directory structure – Shared file – File system reliability – File system Performance – File servers – Security – Protection mechanisms – Case Study Window NT, UNIX.

MCA Reference Books :

1. Operating System Concepts by Silberschatz and Galvin, Addison Wesley
2. Operating system Design and Implementation by Andrew S. Tanenbaum – PHI
3. Operating System by Milan Milankovic, McGraw Hill.

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