Paper 1 Syllabus of B.Sc Physics in Avinashilingam University for Women Physics Paper 1 Syllabus of Avinashilingam University for Women;Paper 1 Course of Studies of Physics of Avinashilingam University for Women;Paper 1 Syllabus of B.Sc Physics Avinashilingam University for Women;Syllabus in Avinashilingam University for Women

Avinashilingam University for Women, Coimbatore

Paper I
Properties of matter

(Hours / week –6)

Unit I:
Moduli of Elasticity- Relation between the elastic moduli-Poisson's ratio-Limiting Values of s-Torsion-Expression of torque per unit twist-Determination of rigidity modulus-Static torsion method-Work done in twisting a wire-Rigidity modulus by Torsion pendulum– Bending of beams-Uniform and Non uniform bending-Bending moment- Koenig's method for 'q' by Uniform and Non-uniform bending-Cantilever – Uniform and Non-uniform bending –Searl's method for determining q,n and s.
(27 hrs)
Unit II:
Streamline and turbulent flow – Poiseuille's formula for the flow of liquid through a capillary tube – correction to Poiseuille's formula – motion through highly viscous liquid – Stoke's method – Searle's viscometer – Viscosity of gases- Rankine's method.
(20 hrs)
Unit III:
Unit III: Hydrodynamics and Surface Tension
Bernoulli's equation
Surface Tension:
Surface Tension- Definition of surface energy- Excess pressure over curved surfaces- Determination of surface tension-Drop weight method-Interfacial surface tension between two liquids-Quinke's Method- Variation of surface tension with temperature- Jaeger's Method.
(25 hrs.)
Unit IV:
Newton's law of gravitation-Kepler's Law of Planetary Motion-Determination of 'G' by Poynting's method-Variation of 'g' with ultitude, depth and latitude-Escape velocity-Principle of rocket- Gravitational potential due to sphere –Compound pendulum- Kater's pendulum.
(24 hrs.)
Unit V:
Osmosis and Diffusion
Graham's law of diffusion –Fick's law of diffusion-Experimental Determination of coefficient of diffusion-Differential equation for diffusion-Reverse osmosis Osmotic pressure-Berkley and Hartley method-Laws of osmotic pressure-Elevation of boiling point- Lowering of freezing point.
(24 hrs)
Reference Books
1. Brijlal and N. Subrahmanyam, Properties of matter, S. Chand & co., Ltd, New Delhi-110 055, 2005. (Units I-IV)
2. Chatterjee and Sen Gupta, A treatise on general properties of matter, New central Books agency (p) Ltd, Calcutta, 2001.(Unit V)

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