Painting showing Raja Raja Chola with his Guru in Tanjore big temple

Raja Raja Chola did all the great things to this world with the instruction given by his guru only. In this resource the painting that describes Raja Raja Chola along with his guru is described.

Painting showing Raja Raja Chola with his Guru

There is a painting of Raja Raja Chola in Tanjore big temple which shows Raja Raja Chola along with his guru. In this particular painting we can see his Guru in front of Raja Raja Chola and there is also some reason behind that. Even though Raja Raja Chola is the great warrior to all the people and the one who is recognized by everyone in the world but his salutations to his guru is very simple. He acts to be very simple to his guru. The reason is that even though is the one who is conquering various places with the help of battles and even though he is the one who is building temples all over Tamilnadu, he is still very simple in front of his guru.

The works done by the Raja Raja Chola are definitely fabulous but all the credits go to this guru. In order to represent this, the painting is drawn in such a way that the Guru is in front leading Raja Raja Chola and the king is behind him following the instructions from him. It will be even more interesting to see various other paintings in the Tanjore big temple where Raja Raja Chola will be with his Guru and his aunty. It is also one of the great facts to be accepted that is, Raja Raja Chola himself is a good painter.

Elephant in the Battle Field of Raja Raja Chola

Reason for the success of Raja Raja Chola

Nothing comes into existence without any reason. The reason for the success of Raja Raja Chola was also because of one particular reason which is the Religion. Raja Raja Chola had his full faith on his religion and high devotion on Lord Shiva and this is the reason why he involved himself in building many temples in Tamilnadu. There are many other secrets behind his temple creation and the religion stands to be the perfect reason for his battles and works to the people of Tamilnadu. Along with his contributions there was one particular person who was responsible for all his activities. That is his Guru. Raja Raja Chola got resources for his temple works with the help of the Battles by defeating the other kings.

Tanjore King Raja Raja Chola, when ever plans to do something related to temple construction or any battle he used to ask suggestions from two persons. One is his Guru and another is his aunt. After their approval only he will get into the work with the full dedication. Raja Raja Chola and his warriors walks out of his palace for great battles to conquer various places around Tamilnadu. Most of the southern part of Tamilnadu was under his control in his period and moreover he made Tanjore as his head quarters. In this particular place only he planned to construct the Tanjore big temple and his palace that stands to be one of his mysterious constructions. Even now no one knows what Raja Raja Chola did to take that 80 tons stone to the top of the temple without any proper equipment of facilities in those days.

Paintings in Underground passages from Tanjore big temple

Paintings in Underground Passages
It is a very well known fact that there are more than 100 underground passages from the Tanjore big temple that leads to various places and various temples near the Tanjore district. Still some of the underground passages are available and that are not in use and there are also many underground passages that are still a secret and could not be found out. The old scripts also tell that if a person chooses a wrong passage then he will be trapped to death. The Chola kings were very famous in making traps and creating underground passage that was very simple and easy way to travel from one place to another in a simple way.

Many underground passages are available that describes the painting of Raja Raja Chola and his gurus and the power of the great ancient kings. There were also various other paintings that were present which explains the culture of the people of the Tanjore and also about the Fine arts. These painting show that Raja Raja Chola gave importance to the Fine arts and Painting culture.

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