Current Educational Scenario in Tamilnadu

The following resource will give the information about the present education system in Tamilnadu and the reral education system in Tamilnadu. Get to know the details of Tamilnadu education in backward area and IIT Madras initiative RUTAG & NKN

Teaching Methodology in Tamilnadu

The whole educational scenario in India is based on competition. This has poisoned the very root of education. Everybody is caught by the success fever. In their efforts to become a successful personality, they fail to discover their individuality

Teachers don't awaken the mind; instead they tend to kill the spark of intelligence by mounting all the old stuff's into the new minds. There is no way to blame the teachers because they have also been taught in the same way. Let us understand, "Thoughts are not to be given, but to be awakened". Blind repetitiveness is taught and this they tend to call as intelligence. Seeds for independent thinking lie within every individual; Teacher's should create a climate for it to sprout. This teaching methodology has given us lakhs of engineers but not even one Rabindranath Tagore or a Ravi Varma or a Lincoln out of it.

The solution for this problem would be to set up a separate commission to check up corruption at all levels in the educational arena. A team should be formed consisting of highly qualified officials like Educationists, IAS Officers, IPS officers, and Best persons in diverse fields picked from various fields. The team would be utilized only for the educational challenges and would report directly to the Prime Minister. Depending upon the team's performance, the team can be thrown out, reframed, reshuffled only by the PM. The chance of getting included should be equal for every state's personalities.

education in tamilnadu

The private schools of Tamilnadu in rural areas outperform the government schools in the same area because their teachers get their credits only if they produce escalating merits for every successive year. But in the rural govt schools of Tamilnadu, these things don't happen because their job security has nothing to do with the results of the school. The only solution would be to analyze the results of various schools and inquire into their problems and ensure that every school results rockets up and does not fall down in time.

Women in rural areas don't get educated because of the 'dowry'factor. The ever-lasting attitude is that, if a woman gets educated and holds a higher degree, then, the man who has to marry her also should be with a higher qualification. Obviously, this leads to the necessity of granting huge dowry from the girl's family. To avoid this scenario in future, most of the rural girls are not much encouraged to become educated. With get-rich-quick becoming the new mantra, dowry became the perfect instrument for upward material mobility.

When Govt of Tamilnadu has passed order s for medical students to work in rural areas it is indeed a good sign to see engineers engaging themselves uplift programs like

RUTAG (Rural Tech Action Group).
It is setup by IIT Madras. It is a great initiation and it spurred itself to complete several projects successfully like "Removable Bridge across Canal", "Rain Cram", "Solar Powered fans" after interacting with people and Govt. organizations that are in constant touch with the rural areas.


NKN (national Knowledge Network).
This goes a step ahead by taking care of health care research, farm care, education, etc. This serves as a national back bone for integrating several network initiators like The ERNET (Education), GARUDA (Grid Computing), SPACENET etc. More such programs should be conceived and be rendered.

School education in tamilnadu

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV'S): The main aim of the scheme was to make the people aware of the constitutional commitment of providing free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of 6-14 years. It is operating in over 3000 Educationally Backward Blocks (EBB'S) in more than 24 states, where rural female literacy and the gender gap in literacy is below the respective national averages.

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