Rural Education in Tamilnadu Present scenario of Tamilnadu Education system Problems & Solutions

This resource discuss about the present scenario of Tamilnadu education system and the problems of tamilnadu education & solutions for educaton system in Tamilnadu.

Education in Tamilnadu now a days is vey has been gradually decreasing its effect day-by-day. Rural means living in or characteristic of farming or country life. The literacy rate in Tamilnadu is very decent compared to other states of India. As per 2001 census we stand at 11th position with a literacy rate of 77.13. Education in Tamilnadu rural areas is rarely considered as an asset in the state. In order to provide a good quality of education in rural areas, public schools in Tamilnadu have to be established not only establishment but also proper functioning of school. Government of TN has to appoint a particular officer only to supervise the functioning of the school.

The present situation is that a large number of teachers refuse to teach in rural areas of Tamilnadu and those that do are usually underqualified. In recent years the number of qualified teachers. has increased because of increased efforts by the government and private groups to improve the general education and professional training of teachers. There is more of an emphasis on the training of rural teachers, whose educational backgrounds are generally not as sound as their urban counterparts. Those that refuse to teach in rural areas cite distance and lack of interest by students as problems. Many of the teachers also lack the enthusiasm to teach because of their meager salary . If bio-metric system is used in the schools for teachers,then they may take the classes regularly.

Out side classes in tamilnadu

Now a days technology is improving rapidly, but still there is illiteracy, because there is no correct awareness of education to all the people. In rural areas children have schools to study are government school of Tamilnadu. People who lives in this rural area will go for the work to earn some money.In the same way parents are sending their children to the same work to earn money.This is happening because of lack of awareness to the parents about education.Every one should take initiative and make such people about the education.And awareness must be created. So that every one could get education in Tamilnadu.

Another problem is, the system of education of in Tamilnadu in which is totally based memorizing than conceptual learning. Today education is viewed only in aspect of employment but not for wisdom and knowledge. The main reason is due to the way the teachers teach and parents aspire for, and students are permited only to a bookish knowledge. A state/country develops only when the youth or citizen of that country go out of box and think of real world. The teaching methodology should be more practical and real rather than theory and let the students know about present technology around the world.There should be transparency in learning and teaching. Corruption of the funds provided for rural education must be stopped.

Village school of Tamilnadu

The people who are living in these rural areas cannot afford lot of money on education. For that government should provide facilities to make education comfortable.And the students in these rural areas are getting free education, but there are no proper facilities.Sanitary, ceiling, food, materials etc. must be provided to students so that they can get proper education. If all these facilities are provided the students will show interest to get educated.

India with is large population and 40% population of youth is still a developing country .If all the youth of country had received a good education then India would be super power in the world, despite it's not. Atleast if we wakeup now we can do better for our country. RIGHT TO EDUCATION must become right of every citizen.

Rural Education in Tamilnadu

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Drop outs in schools are the main problem we are facing in rural education in Tamilnadu. This is problem is not only in Tamilnadu but also in may parts in India. I have covered the Main factors effecting rural education in Tamilnadu adn possible solutions to them. Video conferencing is one of the main future we can use in educating the students and parents. Read more about these issues in this resource.

Why the quality of Education is lacking? Solutions to Improve Education System in Tamilnadu

Many of us are well aware of that the quality of education in Tamilnadu/India is lacking behined its success. I fee that the problem lies with in the way we are teaching the students .i.e with the teachers. Here is a small solution to improve the quality of education in India by taking a different ways of methodology.I discussed the possibility outcomes of the present teachings.

My experience & methodology about educating people in Tamilnadu

In this resource I have tried to explain about the flaws in present education system where everything is dependent on marks. Recently I visited a place called kollimalai a hill station a part of our research programme. We were shocked by seeing the education over there. In this resource I have tried to explain all the solutions in detailed manner.

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Author: vasudevan06 Nov 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

It is interesting to note that there is an article about education, that too very deep and responsive .I appreciate for the interest to post this article.
I do not think that parents and students are the reasons for the current position.and teachers also would be reason for a minimum part ,that too negligible.
Education should be response of the society.Here the society means the govt as it is the most powerful organ of the society.The govt was/ is always a tool in the hands of rich who dominate the majority portion of the wealth .They do not want the education to spread and take deep roots in poor section .

Egalaiva was taken his thumb when he exceeds in his talent than Arjuna .Sambugan was killed by Rama when he tried to learn vedas .Sutras were rejected edn by Manu. Kings were educated and then his officers .In modern period rich people only were in position to learn.Now people who have money can get education.
It may be told that all can by RTE.But the ground reality we know.
Now there is a fight to get education resultantly a simple improvement by the scheme of ABL.But this too the govt is eager to implement this because it helps to the govt to cut short the teaching posts.Class 1&2 are combined .3&4 are 2 teachers post are get rid off.At the same time the private schools are not following the ABL.It will result that the govt school students will be not in the position to competete the private school children because of their syllabus . The rich would thus again capture all valuable posts of the govt and private sector.
THUS the time of Eklaiva extends till now .So don't worry .
Take it as the order of God or fate.

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