Learn Basic Tamil Language Through English - Part One - Pronouns

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Learn Basic Tamil Language Through English - Part One - Pronouns

Tamil language is a widely spoken language in Tamil Nadu and it is one of the official languages of India. In order to acquaint yourself with Tamil People or in Tamil Nadu you need to know some basic Tamil words and phrases. Before going in detail for words and phrases, the first thing you have to know is to learn some basic Tamil Grammar. This article will guide you to learn the usage of Pronouns in Tamil through English.

Use of Pronouns (I Person) in Tamil Language

I - Naan
Me - Ennai
We - Naangal
My / Mine - En / Ennudaiya
Us - Engalay
Our - Nammudaiya / Engaludaiya
Ours - Nammudaiyathu / Engaludaiyyathu

Use of Pronouns (II Person) in Tamil Language

You - Nee / Neengal / Unnay / Ungalai
Your - Unnudaiya / Ungaludaiya
Yours - Unnudaiyathu / Ungaludaiyathu

Use of Pronouns (III Person) in Tamil Language

He - Avan
She - Aval
Him - Avanay
Her - Avalai / Avaludaiyathu
His - Avanudaiya / Avanudaiyathu
They - Avargal / Avai
Their - Avargaludaiya / Avargaludaiyathu
Theirs - Avargaludaiyathu / Avaigaludaiyathu
Them - Avargalai / Avaigalai
It - Adhu / Adhai
Its - Adhanudaiya / Adhanudaiyathu

Some Basic Common Pronouns in Tamil Language:

Self - Thaan
Myself - Naanae
Yourself - Neeyae
Himself - Avanae
Itself - Adhuvae
Themselves - Avargalae
Ourselves - Naamae / Naangalae
This - Idhu / Ivan / Ival
That - Adhu / Avan / Aval
These - Ivaigal / Ivargal
Those - Avargal / Avaigal
Some - Sila / Silar
Somebody - Yaaroa
Anybody - Yaarkilum / Yaaravadhu
Everybody - Ellorrum
Nobody - Yaarumillai
Something - Edhavathu Ondru
Anything - Edhavathu
Nothing - Ondrum illai
Same - Adhey
Such - Adhu pondra
Few - Konjam / Sila
Many - Pala / Palar / Nirayya
Other - Martrondru / Vera
Others - Pira / Pirar

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