Raja Raja Chola Creative and Painting skills

Battle field is not the only place for the great kings there are also many other aspects in which the talents of the King is reveled.

Raja Raja Chola Creative skills

Raja Raja Cholan
Raja Raja Chola stood as an example for the perfect Tamilzan. We all know about the greatness of the Raja Raja Chola and his famous Tanjore big temple but many people don't know about the skills of the Raja Raja Chola in detail. Raja Raja Chola stood to be the best example for the best warrior in Tamilnadu by conquering the southern part of India in his time period. He is well known as the best warrior but there are also many other extra great things to know about Raja Raja Chola.

Apart from the fighting skills Raja Raja Chola had lots of others skills too and moreover he was also a very good example for a great warrior of Tamilnadu. Raja Raja Chola also won many battle by crossing oceans also. Once when he went to Maldives there he won a big battle and after the success of that battle he got the great plan to build the Tanjore big temple. The architect of the Tanjore big temple is amazing in all the aspects. Each and every part of the Tanjore big temple construction shows and proves the creativity of the Raja Raja Chola.

Tanjore Big temple Long view

Great works of Raja Raja Chola

Even though the Tanjore big temple was built by the workers of the Raja Raja Chola but everything was done in the assistance the King himself. Raja Raja Chola was not a normal king like other kings who lived. He also found some time for relaxation and also some fun and creativity. Building temples is one of his hobbies and even there are some proof to tell that the Raja Raja Chola himself carved many stones to make it into the interesting shapes and sculptures. In the similar way Raja Raja Chola of Chola Dynasty was also a very good painter himself.

Most of the temples in those days were the one that was built by the great king Raja Raja Chola. The specialty of the Chola temples is the architect and the new concept implementation on the Chola Temples. Not only the Raja Raja Chola but also his fathers and sons also built many attractive temples in Tamilnadu. Some of the temples were also endangered because of the other emperors. Raja Raja Chola also used to perform his great painting works even inside his palace. His Paintings are supposed to one very good enough to speak about his skills.

Raja Raja Chola himself is a Good painter

Raja Raja Chola Painting
As we all know the Tanjore big temple consists of many great paintings in the walls of the outer part of the temples. These painting are also very rich looking and also provide good stories of greatness of Gods. These painting were drawn by the Raja Raja Chola and his great workers. There is also a pathway that leads to the top of the Gopuram in the Tanjore big temple. This pathway comes from the inside of the Lord Shiva shrine inside. If we walk through that pathway we can also see lots of paintings in the internal walls of the Gopuram.

Once when Raja Raja Chola went to Tanjore big temple at the time of the Construction of Tanjore big temple, he went to the first floor of the Tanjore big temple Gopuram. He took his aunt and Guru along with him. There the painter was drawing painting on the wall of the Tanjore big temple. When they three came to that place Painter drew all the three of them together. The Painter was giving final touch up to the Painting. After seeing that wonderful paining, Raja Raja Chola went to the other side of the wall and drew the same painting in the other side and along with the painter who was drawing their image in wall.

This particular excellent painting in the Tanjore big temple shows that Raja Raja Chola is one of the Greatest King in the world with all the skills.

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