Uses of Banana Leaf and Eating in Banana Leaf

Eating in has many reason behind it that acts to be silent reason in order to take a good and healthy food.

Uses of Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf
The banana leaf comes from the Banana tree. There are also two types of banana tree in which the one type that grows in bottom to top format and the other type grow in the format that is similar to the hand fan. The uses of the banana leaf are more common in the entire criterion. Banana leaf is used for eating in general and apart from this there are also many uses that are present in banana leaf.

People of Tamilnadu use the banana leaf for the eating purpose and also to close the eatables safe covering it from the dust. The banana tree is also considered to be very sacred in the Hindu religion and in the same way the banana leaf is also used to offer food items to the god. In the special occasions the banana leaf is used to serve food to the god and also to the other people and after that when the leaf is disposed it acts as a food for the cow that stays in the house or that passes by.

Banana Leaf Food

Why do we use banana leaf for eating?

It has become a tradition in using the banana leaf for the serving purpose and also for the purpose of closing the food items. The banana leaf is the cleanest leaf among all the other leaf. The major advantage of the banana leaf is the space that is available in it. The bigger size of the banana leaf makes it to be one of the special and unique leaves in the plant species. There are also many varieties of banana plants available but the banana leaf that is produced in all the leaves are of the same category and the type.

It is said that the banana leaf is coated with some particular chemicals in the top surface of the Banana leaf. This coating of the chemicals make the food very tasty and when they get inside along with the food items then it makes the digestion process more comfortable. The eating of the food in banana leaf is also a traditional methodology that from the olden days this method is followed by the people of Tamilnadu. The other main reason for using the banana leaf for the eating is that it can be easily disposed as the dogs clean up the remaining food present in the leaf after eating and the cow eats the whole leaf that is disposed.

Structure of Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf Food alignment
The structure of the banana leaf is also to be taken in a great way. The banana leaf is designed in nature in order to use it for the purpose of the eating by the people. The people of Tamilnadu use the banana leaf in a great way to serve food and also pack foods to other places. When hot food is packed in the Banana leaf it takes the extracts of the leaf with the help of the heat that is generated inside and that particular extract is very useful for the people health.

The natural construction of the Banana Leaf is in such a way that is very big to contain all the food items all together without any clash. This helps in the easy serving and easy eating of the food items. People of Tamilnadu cut the banana leaf accordingly in order to serve food to the people. Bigger leafs might be uncomfortable to eat food from it.

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