Health Tips - Tips for Good Health

Health Tips, Tips for Good health, How to reduce body fat, Gastric problem,Tips to Improve memory power, Stomach problems.

Health Tips - Tips for Good Health

How to Maintain a Good Health:

Good health

To maintain a good health have food for two times a day and drink 8 tumblers of water per day and fast for a day in a week.

Goodnes of Apple Skin:

Health Tips - Apple

Apples with skins are a good source of nutrition. Just wash it and consume it along with the skin as it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and lot of fibre content.

For Resistance Power:


To increase resistance power against diseases drink honey mixed with milk or hotwater.

Importance of Banana:

Health Tips - Banana

Banana is very good for growing childrens as it have Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

For Better Digestion:

Health Tips - Digestion

Finish off your dinner two hours before you go to bed for easy digestion.

For Stomach Problems:

Health Tips - Neem

In the morning chew and eat 5 to 10 tender neem leaves. It will heal major and most of the stomach problems.

For Gastric Trouble:

Health Tips - Omam

Take a small amount of omam (Ajwain) and fry it slightly. Remove from fire and mix it with half the quantity of salt along with half the quantity of jaggery. Consume this two times a day morning and evening so that you will a get a quick relief from stomach upset, constipation and from gastric trouble.

Importance of Rose Petals:

Health Tips - Rosepetals

Rose petals have lot of Vitamin C. A single rose petal is equavelent to 10 Orange Fruits.

To Reduce Body Fat:

Health Tips - body fat Health Tips - tomato

Tomato juice purifies the blood and it reduces body fat by lowering the cholestrol level.

How to Improve Memory Power:

Health Tips - memory Health Tips - Carrot

Provide your children everyday with hot milk mixed with equavelent amount of carrot juice, which increases their memory and brain power.

To Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally:

Health Tips - mouthwas Health Tips - Tulsi

Crush few leaves of Basil (Tulsi) in a water and make it to boil. Gargle with this water to get rid of bad breath.

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