Angaya Podi - Great Grandma's Ancient Tamil Recipe

Angaya Podi Great Grandma's Ancient Tamil Recipe used as Pathiya Samayal for new mom's, How to make Angaya Podi preparation and ingredients required.

Angaya Podi - Great Grandma's Ancient Tamil Recipe.

A Short Description About Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi

Ancient Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi is popular among Brahmin Community in South India especially in TamilNadu. It's my Great Grandma's Recipe and we have this Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi at our home's all time.Even though it is used as a part of normal diet, it has it's own medicinal value. It relieves stomach upset, cures indigestion and vomiting, loss of appetite and so on. This Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi is prepared and given especially to delivered women who gave birth to new borns. It is the main course of food included in 'Pathiya Samayal'.

Medicinal Value of Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi:
The ingredients included in the Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi, has its own medicinal value for example Arisithippili, Kandathippili (Long pepper) cures cold and infection, Dry Ginger(Chukku), Pepper and Cummin(Milagu Jeeragam) improves digestion, Dry Manathakkali cures soar throat and ulcer. Dry Neem flower(Vempampoo) and Sathakuppai removes all impurities from our stomach, cleanses and refreshes our digestive system. All the ingredients are availabe at all Sidha Medicine (Naatu Marunthu Kadai)

Let's see what are all the ingredients required and preparation method of Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi.

Ingredients Required for Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi:

Ingredients No.1: (Dry Fry)

Toor dal (Thuvaram Paruppu) - 200gms
Bengal gram dal (Kadalai Paruppu) - 200gms
Urad dal (Ulutham Paruppu) - 50gms
Crystal salt (Kal Uppu) - 2 tablespoonful

Ingredients No.2: (Oil Fry)

Asafoetida (Perungayam) - 1 piece
Dry Ginger (Chukku) - 20gms
Arisithippili - 20gms
Kandathippili - 20gms
Sathakuppai - 5gms
Dry Neem flower (Vepam poo) - 10gms
Coriander seeds (Dhaniya) - 50gms
Dry Manathakkali Vathal - 50gms
Black Pepper (Milagu) - 25gms
Red chillies - 50 gms

Ingredients No.3:

Cummin (Jeeragam) - 25 gms.

Method of How To Make Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi:

1. Heat the fry pan and dry fry toor dal, bengal gram dal and urad dal one by one, separately till they becomes light brown in colour and keep it aside.

2. Dry fry crystal salt, just one fry is enough and keep it aside.

3. Fry each items separately listed in the Ingredients No.2, by adding two to three drops of oil in a fry pan and set aside.

4. Now mix all the above oil fried and dry fried items along with jeeragam mentioned in Ingredient No.3.

5. Put all the ingredients in a dry blender and make a very fine powder. But it would be extra fine and even more smooth powder when ground in a flour mill.

6. Angaya Podi Tamil Recipe is ready now.

7. It lasts for 3 to 4 years when refrigerated.

How to make Angaya Podi Rice (Angaya Podi Sadham):

Just add 2 to 3 teaspoons (according to your taste) of Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi to Steamed Rice added with ghee and mix well. It goes well with Illai vadam, Sambar Onion and Onion Pachadi (Raitha).

Images of Ingredients Used in Tamil Recipe Angaya Podi:

Angaya Podi - Manathakkali Angaya Podi - Cummin Angaya Podi - Urad dal Angaya Podi - VepamPoo Angaya Podi - Coriander Angaya Podi - Asafoetida Angaya Podi - Bengal Gram Angaya Podi - Crystal Salt Angaya Podi - Kandathippili Angaya Podi - Black Pepper Angaya Podi - Red chillies Angaya Podi - Arisithippili Angaya Podi - Toordal Angaya Podi - Chukku Angaya Podi - Sathakuppai

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