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Significance of Tamilnadu State

Tamilnadu is the state signifies oneness and this you can find more than six religions, different languages, variety of cultures and their values. Tamilnadu is most popular its varied cultures, historical monuments, Tamil literature, Tamil traditions and more and more unique options available to explore. In taminadu you can get to see different types of people, speaking different languages.

Tamilnadu is the state where you can find the joint family culture, it is still practiced and valued. In Tamilnadu Guests are always treated with warm hospitality and respects. In this state People of different religions live in the same area and the festivals of any religion is celebrated happily.

Tamilnadu Marriage Culture

The aspect of Marriage culture followed in Tamilnadu varies from people to people. Marriages are believed to be a lifelong bond and affair. According to Hindu religion here the Brides are considered as the 'ardhangini' of the groom, that is the wife is the half the husband. Unlike foreign countries, the people of India especially Tamilnadu do not welcome divorce easily, they put maximum effort to lead a happily married life with out breaking the Tamil culture.
Tamil marriage

Tamil marriages are always popular for their religious functions and celebrations. Tamilians prefer simple and a sober marriage when compare to other states of India. Tamil marriages are not an extravagant performance, because they take care about all the rituals and religious customs to be performed in the marriage. The main thing of Tamil Marriage is the invitation to all relatives, friends and neighbors to bless the Tamil Bride and Groom for their future happy lives.
Tamil wedding

Panda Kaal Muhurtham in Tamil Matrimony

The first stage in Tamil Marriage is the Tamil Matrimony, it begins with a ceremony called Panda Kaal Muhurtham, this is the occasion of both the Bride and the Groom families pray god together by planting a stem for an uninterrupted smooth marriage ceremony. Followed by this Marriage arrangements are made at the respective houses of the Bride and the Groom which includes Marriage Shopping for new clothes, ornaments, marriage invitation cards, gifts, furniture etc. Then the distribution of marriage invitation cards to all relatives and friends.
Weeding card

Occasion of Arti in Tamil Marriages

In some marriage culture before the marriage, the groom is called by the bride's family with the recitation of a traditional 'arti' at the house of the bride. Then the groom is treated well with variety of sweets. In both the families a pooja called 'Vratham' is also performed before marriage.
Some people follow the celebration called Pallikai Thellichal wherein water is sprinkled on the nine clay pots filled with different types of grains. Pallikai Thellichal is usually done by married women then after one or two days, all the pots are immersed in the pond or river, it is believed that by doing this the newly married couple gets the blessings of the water animals that eat the grains filled in them. After finishing this function a ritual called 'Naandi' is performed in Tamil marriages. The function of 'Naandi' ends with the distribution of gifts to few Brahmins to get their blessing for the Tamil Bride and groom.

Occasion of Engagement in Tamil Marriages

Engagement in Tamil Marriages are named Nicchiyadharatham, this is done before the marriage, Engagement is the conformation for Marriage where the bride and the groom exchange rings. The celebration of 'Lagna Pathirigai' the Ganesh Puja follows the engagement ceremony and the Marriage invitation reads out loudly the marriage date is fixed.
Tamil Marriage photo

Occasion of Kashi yatra in Tamil Marriages

The previous day of Tamil marriages, the Bride and groom take an auspicious bath called Mangala Snaanam by applying oil and turmeric on their body. Before meeting the Bride on the wedding day, the Tamil groom has to go for Kashi yatra, a ritual in which the father in law of the groom requests him not to go for Kashi yatra and promises him to marry his daughter.
Then the Tamil Bride and the Groom exchanges beautiful garlands, and are served with sweet banana and milk. To prevent the couple from the bad and evil thoughts, elders circle rice bowls around the bride and groom by singing traditional songs.

Occasion of Muhurtum in Tamil Marriages

Before Muhurtum, the occasion called Kanyadaanam takes place, where the father of Brides gives all the responsibility to take care of his daughter to the Tamil groom. Then the groom ties Mangalum infront of the ommam by saying Tamil marriage mandra. Then the ritual of saptapadi is performed in this the Tamil bride and groom takes seven round circling the sacred fire and the priest recites spiritual prayers simultaneously.
Finally the Marriage ends with Tamil couple gets the blessings from the family relatives and Friends.


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