Tamil Medicine and Disease Treatment

This is about Tamil Medicine and Treatment,Siddha maruthuvam in Tamilnadu,Ayurveda Medicine in Tamilnadu,Disease Diagnosis and Tamil medicine Treatment, Growth of Tamil medicine Treatment,Tamil Medicine and Disease Treatment.

Age of Tamil Medicine

Tamil Medicine - The oldest system of medicine followed by Dravidians
Tamil medicine followed today is the oldest system of medicine which was already followed by Dravidians to cure various types of diseases with out any side effects.
Tamil medicine

Siddha Maruthuvam in Tamilnadu

The most popular Siddha medicine or Siddha maruthuvam is still followed in Tamilnadu. The other form of Siddha medicine is Paatti Vaaiththiyam also called Tamil Medicine is one of the effective oldest system of medicine practiced by the Dravidian society. The benefits of this medicine are more than the other types and there was belief that Tamil Medicine was first practiced by by Chith-thars. The meaning for the word Chith-thars is people with extreme knowledge (supermen) survived on the earth several centuries ago.

Ayurveda Medicine in Tamilnadu

Another systems of Tamil Medicine like Siddha is Ayurveda, both are very much similar in the working aspects and side effects. Ayurveda Medicine systems, the basics of treatment are based on the disease symptoms appeared in the body of the patient. Ayurveda Medicine was still followed in villages on seeing the symptoms of the illness. The treatment is given to the patients even for snake bite.
Tamil medicine treatment

Disease Diagnosis and Tamil medicine Treatment

In Tamil Medicine including Siddha is Ayurveda, various types of diseases are diagnosed only with the help of the symptom that the patient says with out any medical equipment examination.
Ayurveda medicine
To diagnose the disease the other factors taken for account are physical examination of the patient, manually taken pulse reading, visual difference in the tongue, colour of the skin, speech, changes eyes, faeces and urine. After diagnosing the disease the Tamil medicine treatment is given to the patient.

Growth of Tamil medicine Treatment

The Government of Tamil Nadu state to promote the Tamil medicine by establishing the rst Siddha and ayurvedha College and Hospital in the state of Tamilnadu . The Siddha College located in Courtallam near Tenkasi of Tirunelveli district is giving knowledge about various medicinal and herbal plants.

Tamil Medicine and Disease Treatment

Tamil medicine is popular and more effective for the diseases like
Jaundice caused by (Hepatitis A and C
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Digestion problems
Dry Cough due to allergy
General Allergy
Anti Depressants etc.

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