Significance of using Rice flour for Kolam

This resource will provide you information on the significance of using the Rice flour for the kolam purpose.

Significance of using Rice flour for Kolam

Kolam is a great culture in Tamilnadu. The Kolam is not only popular in the Tamilnadu but also in other states in India. But in Tamilnadu the greatness of the Kolam is that the flour that is used for drawing Kolam in front of the house is the Rice flour. There are many points about the significance and the greatness of the Kolam in Tamilnadu. The Kolam can also be told as one of the hobby of the housewife in the Tamilnadu. Kolam is drawn in front of the house in the early morning with the freshness of the morning breath. This makes the Human body active for the whole day.

Colorful Kolam

The drawing of the kolam in front of the house can also be told as a great exercise for the housewife in Tamilnadu. In different states the preparation of the Kolam powder is done in different manner. And especially in Tamil nadu the Kolam powder is prepared with the Rice flour. It is also believed that the Kolam design is an offering to the God. So it can also be told that the Kolam is the offering that is done to the God. There is a fact behind the preparation of the Kolam powder. The Kolam powder has to be prepared in such a way that it should not be very nice also. If the powder is very nice then it will not be very comfortable for drawing. And if the Kolam flour is not powdered properly then also there will be a problem in using the Flour for drawing designs in front of the house.

The proper Kolam powder will only be convenient to put kolam designs. Kolam plays a major role in all the aspects. It is said that when the women in tamil nadu perform kolam work they are bending down and making the kolam work. This is a very good exercise for them in the morning time. Moreover in a joint family the participation will be from every one of the family and that will be very good to see. When the kolam construction is made in the early morning the house wife get fresh air in the morning and that will make them feel very healthy and fresh.

Kolam design

The actual significance of making the Kolam design in the Rice flour is that the kolam powder will be a food for the ants and the small insects. When you perform the kolam construction in the sand floor after cleaning the floor, you can find that the ants will be in a queue busy taking the rice flour particles to their holes. This is a great thing to see. For this purpose the Kolam powder is made with the help of the Rice flour. There are also many other species that take the kolam powder as the food. You can even see the crows sitting in front of the kolam design and eating the kolam powder. So it can be said that the Kolam powder has been a food for all the insects that are in need of the food.

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How kolam flour is used for the species

The Kolam Construction in Tamilnadu is not only for the sake of bringing Glory to the house and the family it can also be said as the part of the Tamilnadu Culture. People also do some great thing by providing food to the Species which feed on the Kolam flour which is made of the Rice Flour.

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